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The Rainbow Dash hat with wings is on sale for 30% off right now at Target, as are other character accessories in the kid's department. Everything was rather picked over, there were a few necklaces too, and some plush backpacks. I'm in Ohio, so I'm not sure if it's a national sale or on the website. The hat fit me, and I'm an adult lady with a large noggin:)

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I play both, downloading the Amazon game didn't affect my regular game at all. They're definitely different, and I have the reverse problem in the Amazon version, tons of gems, not enough bits!
I play via a Galaxy Tab 4, if that matters:)

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I'd hang out with Treehugger and we'd help the other ponies balance their chakras and do aura readings. We also might dabble in some horticulture to provide ingredients for our "special" treats that we'd bring to share at Fluttershy's tea parties.
Eventually we'd plan a music and arts festival since it appears we have a lot of new musicians and artists in town. The headliner would be DJ Pon3 of course though, and of course Pinkie Pie would be in charge. There will be lots of dancing and camping and Apple Bloom will lead in workshop in hooping.

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That used to be one of my go to karaoke songs, but it wasn't very popular and I retired from karaoke anyhow.

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I'm still running both versions, regular gameloft and amazon independently, I hope I can continue to do that! I'm on level 80 something on gameloft and 40 something on amazon. I've noticed some other changes not mentioned, just little stuff, like the pizzeria in canterlot is now only 20k bits as opposed to 50 gems, which was really helpful because it involves a few quests. The free weekly equestria girls ponies seem different too, like last night I got lightning dust and I don't recall that happening until much later in the gameloft version.

The minecart pony glitch is happening to me too in the amazon version, I put in a ticket about flim still showing the play game symbol in the store. Everypony else worked out so far though. I'm concerned about how the ponies normally only available during events will become available to us though, since there are no events?

A recent glitch-not sure if anyone else has this and I'm super curious- is that my hearts from gifts and dancing stopped arriving and they were rolling in nicely! I'm really bummed about that and hope it works soon!

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As a larger female who has to shop at the "larger lady stores" it was just like oh, I guess this pony can't shop at Rarity's Boutique because she is not the size of the other ponies? I'm pretty sure it wasn't supposed to come out that way and it was just my knee-jerk reaction to the guilt I feel about being large on a daily basis and the sadness I feel about not getting to shop at the cool kid's store/a Rarity's Boutique.
I loved the episode but I think the pony at the end of the episode was a bad decision.

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Cool! The Ty plushies were all on clearance at Michaels Crafts a few weeks ago, but a lot of them were kinda "smudgy," particularly Rarity. I'd love to have a handmade Applejack!

I have a knockoff Maud Pie that I paid $25 for and Derpy is twice as big for $30 and way nicer. I want to get one but I'm not sure which pony yet.

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To counter my sad topic, I have a happy topic. Yesterday my husband's Build A Bear Derpy arrived in the mail! She's wonderful! Do any of you have any of the other ponies or did anyone else order a Derpy too?

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But here's the thing...
The thing getting me through? Ponies!
Yesterday I started playing the Amazon version of the FIM game and it got my mind so occupied because there's so much to do right at the start. I have the regular version too, but I'm on level 80 something there so it's not as consuming. So yeah, that is what I've been doing to cope. Ponies are the best.

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Those are wise words, thank you. <3