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I don't normally feel sad when I hear that someone has died... Normally I just feel depressed, or numb... Assuming I even knew them.

Hearing that a man such as this has died... I can say much easier that it feels sad.

Perhaps its because... He's someone I can respect.

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"Rile people up"?

It didn't rile anybody up save for you, because it was a joke.

... A joke that obviously failed in its job of being a joke because somebody was riled up. That somebody is you.

Also... The fact I apparently have to explain the fact it was a joke has killed the joke.

Maybe you should go check your blood pressure... Its not healthy to take a joke seriously :(

*Cries over the corpse of my joke*

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I'm trying to say that the situation is Ironic. And therefore funny. That is all.

... Also... "Pay attention to me?" You're making a lot of assumptions there. I have no illusion that anything I just said amounts to anything more than poking fun at how ironic the situation is.

Because I'm having fun and you can't stop me :D

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I suddenly find it ironic that my comment about how everybody benefits from arguments except the people having the argument... Somehow starts a huge argument over whether or not one should have an argument.

For added irony... Its an argument on whether to have an argument with a person that argued with the fact things were being done, when said things being done were likely specifically to provoke an argument from people like her, and by arguing with those provoking an argument from her she got thousands of arguments back, who eventually started arguing with each other.


I'm just going to laugh at the absurdity of this. Anything more would be wasted effort.

... And would probably devolve into complete nonsense anyways.

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With the amount of times the gaming community (as tenuous as the title may be) is caught making blind rage at everything and everything... Its worth noting that "controversy as advertising" is a thing.

... Which means its also likely that the lingering "Cargo Cult" as Bob puts it, is being inflamed on purpose by the game companies themselves in order to get publicity for their games.

In other words... Could it be that the cycle of outrage is being sustained by game companies on purpose?

Then again... I wouldn't be surprised if everybody has already caught onto such a ploy, and that things will start to move to something more sensible once everyone learns to chill out.

Granted, I tend to stay out of Western AAA games, so I have no clue what's going on right now.

(Currently playing Pokemon, Monster Hunter, Legend of Zelda, Tales of Hearts, Space Engineers... and a single Western Game that's only arguably Triple A... Everquest Next Landmark)

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What worries me most about the continuing trend of what the market gives us and thus what the market thinks we want... Is that it has an underlying theme of anti-individuality.

There's literally very little in the way of characters in western media where an individualistic person is a hero, and even fewer where they are portrayed sympathetically. There's also a complete lack of any western attempts to put emphasis on any of the traits of individuality, such as personality or creativity, and even an individual's destiny isn't even worthy of mention unless it's been arranged by circumstance rather than something being unique about the person themselves.

Nowadays, it seems like the industry is trying to say that the "heroes" are infinitely dispensable and replaceable. As if its trying to tap the market of "mindless drone".

The unintended message with this, considering the market is using this all to pander to "white heterosexual men with power fantasies" is that the message is starting to reach a point where I think it wants to tell the intended player outright that "you are disposable and exist only to be used as cannon fodder."

I don't find this message appealing.

P.S. The supposed "irony" that what I'm arguing is only missing victimization to be compared to what Arnita Sarkesian defines as objectification... That "irony" is not lost on me. However I will note that I'm not sure which is more sickening, considering the idea dehumanizing men into a faceless horde of living weapons rubs me wrong in a lot of the same ways that dehumanizing women into sex toys does.