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I wonder why everyone shouts "BORG" at #28. It's clearly* a Shadowrun reference, and a glorious one at that!

*The Author of this comment takes no responsibility for the accuracy of this statement.

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What about Lyra Croft?

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Discord and Derpy saves Equestria by Timetravelling in the TARDIS... calling it!

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Ponies in Roller Skates. Think about it...

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I find myself... conflicted. On the one hand I know one shouldn't judge a show by its cover but by its content, as seen by the show we all know and love. On the other hand, this is a show where they try to reach out to older girls, and they do this by putting even the tomboys in skirts and putting them in a highschool setting to "blend in"... my "teen-show" alarm is going off like crazy, warning me about the possibility of limitless "Boys, boys, boys" plots in every episode. And we all saw how well that went with G2 compared to G1 (which may be a bit like comparing the sharpness of coconuts, but I digress).

So... I'll stay vigilant, but probably enter this with a closed mind. Who knows, I might be surprised, but my heart tells me to not count on it.

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Element of Modesty, perhaps? Her cutiemark, the pair of blossoming flowers, only partly represents her love for nature (and in particular the blooming spring). It also tells how she loves to see others blossom before her, plants and ponies alike, and how she prefer letting others (like the everything-but-modest Rainbow Dash) take the spotlight they oh so desire. The pride of a job well done is enough for her, and she don't need the praise from others for doing what she loves doing.

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I would vote Abe Lincoln for president of -12. Not only does he have the ability to catch bullets with his skull, but he use giant eagles instead of planes, he slapped both Obama and Romney while telling them why they were inferior to him, and most importantly he battled Chuck Norris and lived to tell about it. Trixie can speak well, but compared to Lincoln she sadly doesn't hold up. Sorry Trix!

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Disney is the Microsoft of the cartoon business, y'know?

But yeah, personally I think this is a rumour (though a very plausible one). Mostly considering we've had a piece of fan art in which Disney (alias Mickey) humours the thought, but also because of denial.

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To put in a hapless and silly reply with all of this amount of serious, both good and bad:

Oh my princess, it's full of smiles! :D

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Wargames? The Paradox Four never gets old: Crusader Kings 2, Europa Universalis 3, Victoria 2, Hearts of Iron 3. At least those are the games a real gamer plays!