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This is fascinating. I'll always think of Miss Havisham as Charles Dickens after this.

Did anyone else see Dickensian? Tuppence Middleton is so, so good as a young Miss Havisham - it shows you how she met Compeyson (who is the greatest argument for misandry ever) and how he messed with her head. It's very satisfying in a fan-fiction sense, and it's really good at giving a psychological backstory for the character which makes complete sense.

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And the bit in Anne's House of Dreams where Joyce dies and Marilla - who loves Anne so much - tells her 'God is kinder this way.' Because that must have been the standard words to comfort a bereaved mother then.

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I usually think 'it me' is a ridiculous phrase, but It. Me. Although the peddlers aren't selling you useful stuff, they're uncomfortable racial caricatures selling you green hair dye!

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@ladyimogen - you're pretty much living the dream.
@leslieellenjones - Oh. My. God.

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I'm so sad The Toast is coming to an end, and so grateful I found this site back in 2014. For me, it's been a place of solidarity and comfort in dealing with oppression I face, but it's also opened my eyes to issues I was dangerously ignorant about before. I don't think there's ever been such an incredible range of writing assembled in history, and it's made me want to lift my writing to a whole new level. And it's just made me laugh too many times to count.

Also, I know this is a big place, but if anyone remembers, I posted on a link roundup back in February after I tried to kill myself. I'm still here, and my life is much better (apart from worrying about Brexit, but I'll deal with that as it happens), and the incredibly kind and supportive comments from the Toasties and e-mail from Nicole Cliffe really helped lift me through that period.

Thank you all so much for your writing and comments. You're the most incredibly kind, funny, creative and interesting bunch of people and you've enriched my life beyond measure.

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When I saw the byline I thought this has to be a joke. What an amazing send off!

Ms Clinton, I'm British but I so, so wish I could vote for you and will be rooting for you with all my heart.

Also, 'You never know — you might just be the next Nicole Cliffe, Mallory Ortberg or Nikki Chung' is the most inspiring thing I've heard all day.

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It's also on Netflix in the UK, don't know about other countries.

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This made me realise that Lucy and Susan Pevensie had to live through puberty with no older women they could turn to for advice and no sanitary products. Shudder.

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Oh God, I know. I always tucked my shirt in, even though no one else did, because school rules said I had to. It just made me more vulnerable to teasing/ standing out.

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But the Henry James thing is a sick burn and not remotely a misunderstanding (sorry if that offends any Toastie Henry James lovers).