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Oh, I won't be allowed back. Yes, agree with Mark or get out of here. I didn't do anything wrong. So go ahead and ban me. That was the most idiotic comment in this entire exchange.

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"You concluded your comment with "give me a break." Maybe you need to think about why you did that."

Because this show brings out my emotions. Is that the big deal of what I wrote? The words "give me a break" have created a little firestorm here? Wow.

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"Projecting a little too much of yourself"-- Yes, that's what I think he did. How else should I phrase it. And by the way, homosexuality is not, nor ever has been, an issue for me. I am quite open to it and defend it. But I don't see it between Aeryn and Henta.

"totally off base" -- Again, that's what I think. How else should I have phrased it. It's not a bad comment. Just what I think.

"give me a break" -- Like I said, this show brings out my emotions. I wrote it. I have a strong suspicion that if I didn't my comment would still have drawn the attention that it is.

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Yes, people can voice their opinion about what I write. But I can defend myself if I feel that I need to. Mark Watches doesn't have a free pass either. And the fact that no one is defending me is not because no one agrees, it's because they don't want to be jumped on too.

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I didn't disrespect anybody. Next time I will confer with you before posting. This show brings out my emotions and I wrote what I wrote. I just reread it. I didn't write anything disrespectful. Not from my perspective. Again, next time I will run my posts by you first.

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Have I upset the Mark Watches Adoration Society? I never said that Peacekeepers or Sebaceans can't be same-sex attracted. I'm just saying that I completely disagree with this about Aeryn and Henta. I get the feeling that the only posts allowed are the ones that agree with Mark. Well, I didn't sign up for the Mark Watches Adoration Society and I can voice my opinion too. This is an open forum right? He can write what he wants. I can too. And I wasn't nasty. If you took it as nasty, maybe you need to think about why you did that.

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From the review:
And Aeryn is totally bisexual? RIGHT?

I must say, this idea about Aeryn has never occurred to me before. You can think what you want, but I think you are totally off base here. Projecting a little too much of yourself perhaps (?) onto the character. I enjoy these reviews because I love Farscape. I don't agree with everything you write but just as often see things as you do. But on this topic about Aeryn getting it on with Henta, please, give me a break.

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The difference for me between Farscape and other shows is that Farscape is the first show that ever touched my emotions. When Aeryn was on the ledge yelling out Crichton's name, it was real. It wasn't just a show and it wasn't just acting. Not for me. Claudia Black was made for this character.

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I must say that I did find the Crais/Stark/Scarran storyline compelling. But I do agree that Crichton's death scene was sublime. I could watch John & Aeryn just making facial expressions to each other. That's how the show should have continued, the John & Aeryn Show - Watch Us Watch Each Other.

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"I wouldn’t say that this ruins things for me, but I’m pretty sure he [John] gave her [Furlow] the data concerning the wormhole technology prior to the Ancients giving it back to him, so wouldn’t they have known about Furlow to begin with?"

I'm not sure I understand the issue here. Furlow only had John's working data to that point, which was not complete. And Ancient Jack knew about Furlow as he was in John's mind implanting worm hole knowledge way back in A Human Reaction and in this episode (Infinite Possibilities) John mentions Furlow and Jack says, "The mechanic?" He did know about her.

I'm I missing something about your question?