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I think some of your comments are judgmental and serve your own benefit, rather than The FATHER.
That is my opinion.
Perhaps you are so busy between all your activities ya', don't have the time to give your posts the prayerful consideration ya' should.
When ya' write words that come down to judging people -- when ya' have no idea what ya' are writing about, it's time to slow down and reconsider.
I guarantee ya' when ya' start judging someone, ya' have crossed the line.

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"the Baby Boom generation (who, thanks in large part to bad parenting, went on to thoroughly derail the culture), are dead and gone,"
This was your comment.
I have to rebuke ya'.
From a prior comment of mine, ya' made it clear ya' thought I was wasting my time doing nothing but sitting around.
Frankly, your comments have become judgmental and seemingly lack of thought.
I realize ya' feel needing to post so regular like, but perhaps, ya' might want to leave off the judgment comments.
It is not righteous, not Christian like.
Frankly, judgment is not your job but The FATHER's, and I promise HE is very good at HIS job and does not need your held.

Judging others will come back on ya' ... read The Word ... take some time to do it.
It will be good for ya' and might improve your posting.
GOD bless ya'

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Drinking in the Word of GOD ... that is the righteous - only way to submit.
Too many people are confused, even still.

When I speak, share, people are still hearing the words from the pulpit instead of reading from The FATHER's words ... the Bible.
Many don't understand what they have read, don't want to get out of their fog; as if it's a comfort zone for them.
It's not judgment -- not my place.
Just a realization how sad the hearts of some people are.
As I used to be.
Until ...HE taught me different; then I understood ... HE is still teaching me, and will be till I am called home.
That is the same for you too, poster.
No one is born with HIS wisdom, knowledge and / or understanding.

Tell me, please, how many 'pastors' should a person try listening to before they are kicked out of their church?

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I did not came tonight for your post, but Psalm 23 led me.
Too many people do not understand Psalm 23 and if you will 'listen', that is "have eyes to see, ears to hear", I would like to teach you what The FATHER, through The Holy Spirit, has taught me, what Psalm 23 means ....

A psalm of David:
ADONAI is my shepherd; I lack nothing. (The LORD provides for all of my needs)
HE has me lie down in grassy pastures, (HE, The LORD, causing me to lie down in grassy pastures, I am protected)
HE leads me by quiet water, (HIS quiet water quiets me)
HE restores my inner person. (when my inner person is at a jumble, HE calms my spirit)
HE guides me in right paths for the sake of HIS own name. (For HIS glory, not so the enemy can take glory from HIM)
Even if I pass through death-dark ravines, I will fear no disaster; (HE is always with me, I have no reason for fear)
for YOU are with me; YOUR rod and staff reassure me. (YOU never leave me, regardless of circumstances)

YOU prepare a table for me, (dinner is set for me with what I like to eat)
even as my enemies watch; (and there are many of them)
YOU anoint my head with with oil (just as Mary anointed HIS body before Passover)
from an overflowing cup. (can you imagine? what does your faith tell you?)

Goodness and grace will pursue me everyday of my life; ( goodness & grace -- not evil, I will have HIS peace)
and I will live in the house of ADONAI for years and years to come. (This is a love letter from The LORD, ADONAI, not a death dirge as so many people believe it to be.)

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Fox News Equates God’s Law With Islam. American “Conservative Christians” say, “Amen!”
I borrowed your title, if you don't mind.

Fox News is evil but in a way that you did not consider.
Fox News has a TV show on Tuesday nights named 'Lucifer', glorifying satan.
I have written about this many times and it does not seem to be a problem to anyone.
Now I have taken Fox News off my play list.
It is not even an option for me.

Have a blessed evening ...

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Secession ... sounds like a good idea to me!
Oregon - California - Washington - Hawaii - Nevada - Alaska ...
Please, just remember, when opt out, you lose everything.

Don't come crying for a loan for food, education, roads, health care, anything else your gonna need.
'Cause POTUS will not give it to ya'!
Hey CA, you're already pretty much bankrupt now, which state is gonna give ya' what cha' need?

Oh, that's right!
I forgot ... these state are going to be self-supporting by selling pot.
Not all other states will be wanting to buying from ya'.

Your going to be needing military.
What about the hurricanes, the earthquakes.
Will you create your own Red Cross?
Ya' can't count on POTUS to send the US resources to treasoned states.

But ya'll are smart and have already figured all that out, haven't ya'?
Keep your chin up!

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Hi there.
80 weeks ago is more than a day or so.

100% maybe a tad hard to say "homo/lesb" company.
Have you spoken with Every Employee and gotten their sexual preference?
Otherwise ya' can't say ... 100%.

Same thing with ... "can't get a job there unless you're a perv ...."
Have ya' read Every application?

Wyndam ... ya' have to be very careful with your words, positive or negative.
The FATHER watches, HE knows, HE understands our minds - our thinking, foolish words.
HE does not like it.

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I didn't read your article about Bruce? Jenner transitions into a Republication Christian woman?.

However, I've read about his/her surgeries, and I can't help but wonder what The FATHER's thoughts must be like when it comes to issues like these.
It's not mine to suppose, to judge, to even put a string of thoughts or sentences together ... but!
Can't help but wonder ...
Brucie, what cha' thinking?

Did ya' ever consider what this would do to your relationship to your CREATOR GOD?
To your relationship with your SAVIOR, CHRIST JESUS?

I'm just asking, just wondering.
HE does not look at the physical, but at the heart, I know that to be true; that is Biblical.
But, Brucie, aren't ya' stretching things a mite?

One more thing, if ya' don't mind.
Won't it be just a tad difficult to go back to your original 'being', if ya' decide to, if ya' know what I mean?

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Never suggested anyone -- like me -- should sit on my palms and just type, even if I was disabled and wasn't able to do anything else.
You have youth and the ability to work in politics.
Not everyone has that.
Enjoy while you can.
Suggest that what I am doing is what The FATHER has told me to do?
I do not judge ... it is not my place ... I don't dare try to take it from HIM.
GOD bless ya'

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Agreeing with ya' ... hoping, as ya' call them, snowflakes, yes, The FATHER would, as The Word says, prefer, nay, wants all to be redeemed.
That said, it is a narrow road - the eye of a needle, kinda' sorta narrow.
Was it just me who didn't see the fog in DJT eyes?
I believe he's on the way to be POTUS, because it is The FATHER's will; but Obama sat in that chair for 8 long years for The FATHER's will.
It does not mean DJT will be any better for the good-ole' US of A then Obama has been.
In my humble opine, we 'got what we deserved.'
Maybe DJT will be of the same cut of cloth.
My faith in my GOD will not abate; HE has brought me through me more than Obama or HRC or DJT could ever touch.
GOD bless ya' now ...