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Further to the reasons that you give for his conversion, I think he was sucking up to the traditionally Catholic countries in the EU, as the role of EU president was being discussed when he quit as PM.

Hoping to get the support from Italy, Portugal, Spain and France no doubt.

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I thought you were looking a bit gaunt Simon.

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Spot on Merlin. The CoE are leaking members because they no longer stand up for the values the Bible teaches but adopts the values of a liberal society.

Therefore, if the Church adopts an "anything goes mentality", who would go to church every Sunday morning to hear that they are doing okay and don't have to be trying to live according to the Bible if they don't agree with it or find it too difficult? I could find better ways to spend a Sunday morning if all I'm going to hear is whatever I do doesn't matter.

I go to Church because I strive to adopt and live out the values of the Bible through having a relationship with Jesus Christ. I think you're right in what you think he'd say about their hypocrisy! A good portion of Jesus' ministry was attacking the hypocrisy in the established Jewish faith and I'm sure he'd be saying the same things to the Church today.

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The C of E have to answer to God, that'll be a heck of a lot more frightening than Nick.

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As a Baptist, I despair at the state of the Church of England. They have an Arch Bishop that is also a Druid priest!!! which goes against the 10 commandments of "you shall have no other Gods apart from me".

They ordain homosexuals as priests and don't seem to stand for the values set out in the Bible anymore. If people want to live a homosexual lifestyle that's okay with me, but they can't then want to be a Christian when they have an incompatible belief system; let alone be a leader in that organisation.

It is of course the overall leadership of the CoE, not the individual priests that are the problem, there are some very good churches that fall into the CoE denomination with good priests, that teach the values as per the Bible.

It's about time the church stood it's ground and not let politics dictate how we should worship, especially when what's politically correct is against what the Bible says.

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V for Vendetta is a great film. Of course it shows what happens if a fanatical far right party got in. Standing up for what they hold as moral and severely dealing those who go against them.

It would have been a scarier film it it showed the fanatical far left. They stand for nothing in an anything goes society, and if you speak against any group, homosexual, immigrants, muslims etc. you are a bigot and can be arrested for hate crimes.

History shows one thing time and again. Whether we have a democracy, theocracy, Monarchy, communism, socialism etc Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

The answer - I honestly don't know. I am welcome to suggestions.

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I think you missed BoNaParte's de-nile joke here.

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I heard this here in Canada this morning and I knew our report was a load of garbage the moment I heard it. It only mentioned the Major as a shooter - which left me wondering how did he shoot so many on his own.

Also, the apologist spokesman said Hasan was upset at a bad review and being posted to Iraq - which he saw as a punishment for his bad review.

My Crapometer was shooting off the scale when I heard it. Didn't even mention his religion - not that they need to anymore, it's pretty much a given.

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I agree that there shouldn't be a referendum.

I want all the political to show some bottle and without spin or doublespeak, say "yes" we want to join Europe or "No" we want out!

Then call a general election and use that as a referendum. None of the Tory "we MAY hold a referendum once we are in power" nonsense and we all know how much Labour can be trusted on their referendum promises.

A clear Yes or No to the electorate and let us vote that way!

I can dream.....

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Congrats Andrew, Great work and great news!!