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Love is a form of socially acceptable insanity.

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OMG. I give up

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Wow. You bronies disappoint me lol. You guys are failing to see exactly why they chose that episode - because it demonstrates MLP creators giving back to the fans. It's awesome and quite rare for a show to do something like that. Slice of Life is one of the best moments of 2015 because it's so vastly different and unexpected. And it appeals to the wider audience of MLP, showing that MLP is a show that cares about all of its fans. You guys are talking about bronies being spoiled...You should all be glad MLP got some love in this video. Seriously shaking my head at some of these comments.

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What is the hiatus doing to us...

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Have you been watching the trailers? The graphics are INSANE. And we all know the story is going to be amazing :D

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Is anyone else super hyped for Uncharted 4 in March?

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I have a feeling the movie will spend some time in there.

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Yea that's definitely on my list. What figure do you want the most?

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What are some cool MLP things I can put on my wish list for Christmas?

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I wanted to share the influence my little pony has had on me:

Being a senior, I had to write a personal statement for uc applications. The first prompt was especially challenging and I was really pondering what to write about. I decided that I wanted to talk about how friendship has impacted my life and identity (inspired by the ideals from mlp of course). Here's an excerpt:

"I was able to develop a meaningful friendship with a student named Isaac. That’s when things really started to change for me. My newfound friendship taught me to open up. Isaac, a confident and outgoing figure, helped me reach beyond my typical social bounds and experience life with a newfound sense of fearlessness; I began to interact with others and participate in activities I would have normally not. Giving a lecture for a classroom of students, collaborating with others to plan community service events, and performing a solo for my dance team were significant hurdles. I discovered that life was something that I could conquer with a friend, but also by myself. Friendship was the catalyst to my self-discovery. "

That's when I knew the importance (magic) of friendship and who I should aspire to be. Without Isaac and my other close friends, I wouldn't be nearly as happy or successful as I am. I want to thank the show for inspiring my statement. Hopefully it pays off in acceptances!