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I'd get in contact with Sony directly, and tell them what the problem is. But it all does really depend on your circumstances: what exactly 'is' the problem? And are you within or outside of your warranty?

If you're within your warranty, you should go to the store where you bought your console from. Hope this helps!

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Yea, I suppose you could say it was a whole host of problems that when combined, wrecked the experience for me. My bad though, for the misleading post title!

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I've played plenty of other games that have thrown down the gauntlet and offered me a worthy challenge, but none have ever felt so blatantly unfair as Fallout 3. It felt like things would pretty much go the same way if I had to fend for survival myself in a post-apocalyptic future for real.

For example, I killed a bad-ass mercenary early on in the bar in Megaton, everyone else started shooting at me, I died, and the game auto-saved, putting me back in the bar just as the guys started shooting me. That was game save number one wrecked. Three game saves later and I've gone for the guidebook as I've been getting nowhere.

That brief story is just the tip of the iceberg for the grief that Fallout 3 has given me!

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That's great stuff! It's always interesting to read-up on the background of such useful sites. Thanks for the link Greg!

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Great post on the new and technical world of 3D gaming!

I just have a few thoughts: 3D TV and 3D gaming are definitely here, but is anyone listening? Those of us who have plumped for a brand-new HD Ready TV are hardly going to splash out for the latest and greatest that just so happens to do 3D as well. I suppose I'm really wondering, is there any demand?

I could go on for an entire post about my thoughts on this. In fact, I think I will. at some point Any objections to me carrying on the 3D debate on your blog at a later date?

Everyone else, chime in! Have you seen Avatar in 3D? Are you excited about the prospect of 3D gaming?

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I\'m not 100% sure about this, as I don\'t have a Sky+ HD box. Worst-case scenario is that the Sky+ HD box includes extra copyright protection and forces everything to be viewed through a HDMI connection, whereas the best-case scenario is that the non-HD channels can still be viewed using the RF Out. I hope that the latter is true.

If anyone has a Sky+ HD box, can you confirm this either way? Many thanks.

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I hear you about Arkham Asylum- I realised that once you\'ve played through it once, it\'s enough really. All\'s I need to do is replay \'the story\' on hard and do some of the challenge rooms etc, but I don\'t feel motivated to do this! So, you\'re absolutely right: great game, but shame about the re-playability of the title.

Regarding Uncharted 2, ahem. How could an Uncharted mega-fan forget his favourite game? Well... it was the second paragraph under the Batman heading but I had forgotten to write the Uncharted 2 heading! D\'oh! I\'d like to mention that unlike Batman, Uncharted 2 (and the original, now I think of it) has tons of replay value. I\'m currently on my 3rd play-through on Crushing.

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It\'s quite cathartic! It feels like a fresh start. I highly recommend it!

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Sweet! I've actually managed to take a look at Perian so far, and I'd be pretty stupid not to install it! Cheers for the MacHeist link- I love free stuff. Free is good.

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Thanks for the suggestions! Tweetie is a must, but for everything else I'm going to have to wait a while. Blew all my money on the Mac :s