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Brilliant. Sheer brilliance. Pure, unadulterated brilliance that will shine through the ages like a beacon.

10/10 Would view again.

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"Oh. My. Gosh... OH DEAR SWEET JESUS!" -My reaction to seeing this
Finally, a Luna plushie within reach of the common brony!

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No words can possibly describe a work of true art... of true genius... like this.
This is simply glorious. True, unbounded, universal glory.

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That's one of the greatest things about this fandom.
Personally, I'm a left-wing social democrat, so I don't think we'd ordinarily have a lot in common, but these colorful little ponies just seem to bring people from all over together. I've got left and right wing friends who also watch the show and we may disagree on politics and whatnot, but there's one thing we can all agree on... friendship is magic! haha