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I think it should remain the way it was written by Kurt. If you're honoring someone, and want to use the words they spoke/wrote, you don't alter them. If it's that big of a deal, choose a different quote. What i really want to know is what makes Mr. Strat think that Kurt married "such a nice girl". You are condemning Kurt for his drug abuse, as well as his "first-year student" guitar skills, and yet, have you heard Miss Love's controversy on the television or radio, or how about her skills on the guitar, let alone when she opens her mouth to "sing"? Courtney Love is anything but a "nice girl". Maybe a selfish woman, who is neglectful to her child as well as a drug addict, but a "nice girl" she is not!

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I don't think the dog should be put down. This is just another reason for people to say that pit bulls are ruthless dogs. If they weren't doing anything wrong, then why did they run? That right there, screams "I'M GUILTY!". The kids should be punished, not the dog. I'm sorry, Miss Davis, but your daughter is a liar and i hope they charge her with aggravated assault and she's tried as an adult. I kind of wonder what else she's lying to you about, Miss Davis.

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Just suck it up and pay the stupid ticket. If you wouldn't have run the red light to begin with, you wouldn't have the ticket to pay. I recently moved to Burien from Longview, and i'm not used to the red light cameras. But, i think they are good. Countless times have i almost been hit by a red light runner and i seriously hope that every single one of those people got a ticket. I myself, don't count to three while waiting to turn right at a red light, but typically, the time that it takes for me to stop, look to see if anyone is coming, and make sure that there is no one crossing the street, it's been roughly 7 to 10 seconds. If you turned before even 3 seconds up, then i don't see how you could have known if anyone was coming at you. And for something as negligent as that, you deserve the ticket.

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Is it just me, or does the girl in the surveillance photos NOT look like the photo that they have up of her? I'm not trying to sound insensitive, but i truly don't think that it was her at that hotel. That's cool if the person behind the counter recognized her, but just based on the photos, i don't think it's her. I do hope though, that she returns home safe and healthy.

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Proof that Longview and Kelso are two separate towns, as we haven't seen any new snow fall in quite some time now.

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As of 2:22 pm, Longview has blue sky and about 2 inches of snow. No new snow in almost 30 minutes. Having been listening to Rod and Rhonda, I'm a little bummed that we aren't going to thaw a little, but at least when i look out my window, it's a beautiful sight. Thanks for all the coverage. Good to know we aren't the only ones in a winter wonderland.