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But this was a poll of ConHome members, vey few (if any) of whom will be beneficiaries of Sunak's impression of Father Christmas.

So I ask again: what has Sunak done well? Money has been spent in the wrong areas (furlough given to people who should have been working) and not spent where it should have been (supporting and stregthening UK businesses).

Anyone can just throw money around aimlessly.

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What surprises me is how high Sunak's rating is. The economy is on its knees. Billions of pounds of furlough money has been handed out without any proper contols. Money has not gone to businesses because Sunak has allowed EU state aid restrictions to apply (when all other EU countries, ironically, where more sensible and just ignored them!). What has Sunak actually done WELL? To me, his popularity is a case of the Emperor's New Clothes.

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"The top echelons of the civil service shouldn’t have to support [Brexit]" - of course they should!

To support Brexit is to be a patriot. And all senior officials should be patriots.

Patriotism means putting your country FIRST. That means that you reject the notion that foreigners can have any control whatsoever over you. Membership of the EU impinges on our freedom. Like people who have dual nationality, those who believe in EU membership should be clearly asked: 'which country comes FIRST?'

If the EU makes a decision, and the UK disagrees, why should the UK have to comply? The UK was the country that lost the MOST votes in the EU Council of Ministers. This means that we had to obey rules we disagreed with. That cannot be right.

EU-worshipping quislings will say that Britain is better off economically within the EU. Apart from the fact that this cannot be known at this point, the fact is that this argument is the logic of the prostitute, who is willing to do anything for money. The UK is a GREAT country, and it should be a FREE country. That can only be achieved by leaving the EU. And yes, I am genuinely sad about this. I wish we could have had a veto over ALL decisions within the EU, which would have given us freedom to do what we want. But we are where we are, and Brexit is the only solution, so ALL senior civil servants SHOULD support Brexit.

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The most stupid article I have read here for a long time!

The problem stems from the opening sentence: "Where does today’s Conservative parliamentary party stand on issues of individual liberty? "

WHOSE liberty? That's the point. The liberty of criminals? Surely even the most deranged social marxist would have to agree that criminals should NOT have liberty. And ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS ARE CRIMINALS. That is the central point!

People who enter the country illegally are commiting a crime. They are therefore criminals. Can people not see the logic of this? 'Migrant detention' is exactly the same as criminals who are remanded in custody. The time limit here is 182 days (6 months). So if there is to be a time limit for migrant detention it should certainly not be any less.

But the other central poit that must always be remembered is that ALL ASYLUM SEEKERS ARE BOGUS. I have explained this before: genuine asylum seekers have safety as their prime goal. So they should apply for asylum in the NEAREST safe country (and many do so - there are huge migrant camps in many countries). The UK, by virtue of its geographical location, is only 'the nearest safe country' to people coming from Ireland - and there aren't many Irish asylum seekers as far as I know!!!

All those who have crossed half the world, including the whole of Europe, to come here are BOGUS and should be deported WITHOUT right of appeal. If this were implemented then of course detention for more than a few days would not be necessary, so the bleeding heart brigade should welcome this!!

Of course, the first essential step to implement this policy is to scrap Blair's vile Human Rights Act and also leave the ECHR. Does this notionally Conservative government have the will and the guts to do so? What do you think?

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I completely agree, and have said as much myself on these pages.

When I say that it is whites who are the victims of institutionalised racism and race discrimination these days, I am referring to the sort of disgraceful schemes mentioned in the article:

"Examples include Cambridge University’s scholarship scheme (worth £18,000 a year) solely for black British students and Oxford’s Arlan Hamilton scholarships for Black undergraduates. UCL has scholarships for BME postgraduate students. The Bank of England has scholarships for African Caribbean students."

Why is this 'conservative' government allowing this appalling anti-white discrimination to continue? If these programmes were solely for whites there would be an outcry, but 'a turd, by any other name, will smell as foul', to misquote Shakespeare!

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Don't worry, I was completely baffled too, which is why I never responded.

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No, 'paddy wagon' is NOT a racist slur. It comes from the fact that many policemen in New York were Irish. Being a policeman was a highly creditable and respected occupation, so why you think it's a slur baffles me.

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It's incredible how ministers always care more about the trivia than what really matters. Now they are more concerned about C19 than crime. I really don't care if people want to gather in large numbers, be it in Liverpool to celebrate winning the Premiership or on the beach to catch some rays. If they are not bothered about catching the virus then I certainly am not either. No, what bothers me is when they behave badly. Just look at all the mountains of filthy rubbish and litter left on the beach. What sort of sub-human behaves like that, fouling and ruining their own environment? Why weren't they called out for this?

Or look at the violent street parties in Brixton and Notting Hill. I'm not surprised about where these occured, but I am disgusted at the police for not arresting all the violent criminals. The police just stand in a line, with their shields up, sportingly offering a target for the criminals to have a jolly time lobbing bricks at them.

The same, of course, applies to the disgusting BLM crime and violence, all around the country. The police should baton charge the mob, knocking them down, while police follow behind cuffing them and chucking them in the back of a paddy wagon. This is what Priti Patel should be instructing the police to do.

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Yes, Tony Blair was the enemy of Britain and everything he did should now be undone. The government should make a bonfire of all his reforms. Of course there would be a lot of squealing - the establishment is now filled with Blair's vile children. They must be rooted out and removed.

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I'm delighted that Boris is refusing to be pushed around by the media and opposition. He is showing some backbone at last. Ministerial appointments are for the prime minister to make, not a bunch of whining losers.