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"You humans are all racist!"

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1. For ignorance to be erased from the world
2. To be my unicorn mare OC in this world, but as a Goddess Class Alicorn (Immortality, Supreme Magicks, Flying, the works)
3. To have Luna be by my side as my co-ruler and significant other.

Yeah, that'll do it.

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Get into an extensive explanation of what I am, where Twilight is, and what she should do next.

Then? Dunno, too many variables to take into account.

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Tied with Call of Duty.

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I believe that it is an ancient ritual that the Night Guard has to go through in order to become one of Luna's chosen. They have to become batlike in order to become used to a nocturnal schedule and be able to locate through the dark much easier. In their free time, they probably have fun scaring the lights out of other ponies, and going to bars and clubs to get into brawls. Just like any respectable military body would.

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To an extent. Nothing too extreme, but a nod here, whisper there, that's fine. No pandering, please.

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I discovered my first love
I discovered my first heartbreak as well.

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I see it as a benevolent Oligarchy, where the Mane Six run the country based on their talents. Twilight would be Head of State along with Minister of Magic and probably Minister of Education. Rarity would probably be Minister of Welfare, considering that she is the Element of Generosity. Fluttershy would most likely be Minister of Environment, and possibly Minister of Foreign Affairs, though that is iffy. Applejack is Minister of Agriculture, obviously, but she also might be Minister of Defence, with her stalwart honesty and most likely loyalty to her people. Rainbow Dash would be Minister of Weather Affairs, and maybe Minister of Aerial Activities. Pinkie Pie would most likely be Minister of Homeland Morale, and the head of S.C.O.N.E, which is Surveillance and Control Over Nearby Enemies.

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I think it would be awesome. A religion of Peace and Harmony, one not stained by blood in all its history? Wine and bread? Marshmallows!

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Thank you for the unnecessary and, frankly, rude comment ^^