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So Tony Blankley said 70mil people are Tea Partiers. So has he now announced that the GOP is the Tea Party? Including himself.

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Its really dumb technology for Brands/Retailers. Great for Big Brother, the Cops, the Feds. Unless you are forced to buy something what does the facial check in do? I really don't get the application as he sees it. I myself would change my photo on Facebook to mark cuban. So everywhere he goes I get checked in!

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I don't believe the numbers first off. There are lots of dead accounts. Lots of spam accounts used to spam porn sites on Brand Fan Pages. Plus visiting once in a month does not make one a facebook user. Remember investors valued the company at $23bil. Yet independent valuations came in at around $11bil in January. Meaning if they went IPO their two biggest investors lose a bunch of money. So there is massive pressure to pump up valuations. BUT if your business model is advertising and over half of your accounts only log in once a month or so...half your users have zero value to advertisers.

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Isn't over half of the time spent on Facebook for these games and nothing else. If people left Facebook to play on Google wouldn't that crush Facebook and hurt their revenue big time?

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That is awesome!

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30 million are actively playing Farmville? And if your not logging in and playing for 30 mins a week your not close to being active. There are not 400 million active Facebook users. But they claim that number based on creating and account and logging in once per year. =P

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The biggest impetus for Google to develop chrome was FireFox. I use FireFox with No Scripts and Ad Blocker PLus. I see almost Zero Ads served by Google. And zero paid search ads when I use Google for search. This was a massive threat to their revenue stream, so they developed Chrome to ensure ads can not be blocked. Now if they truly are open source people will develop ad blocking apps.

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Tony I know your wrong like 90% of the time. But your take on Oil is completely assinine for a man who claims to know economics and business. There is ZERO law in US requiring any drillers to sell that oil in the US. If BP or anyone drills in Alaska or the Gulf and China is willing to pay more than us in the US they are shipping that stuff to China. Drilling more in the US will not solve oil prices or dependency. Only using less or using none for our energy needs is going to fix this.

And since your a Xenophobe with your eyes closed Germany and Japan have ZERO oil. They have been working on Fuel Cells and Battery technology like we did our Manhattan project. The end result is when they have the 'breakthroughs' they will be making the equipment for us to buy and own all the patents. VS having a US clean energy industry.

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Tony how dare you discuss Islam via fear of it! Shame on you! Since 9/11 there have been over 100,000 murders in the US. The murderers and victims, almost all of them...CHRISTIAN! and you say nothing about this? How dare you? 15,000 murders per year of Americans killing Americans and all you can discuss is one incident of a Muslim freaking out? Shame on you!

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You are really wrong when it comes to Islam. You forget that until 40 years ago the US oppressed Blacks in the name of God. Over time Islam will become much more tolerant. Just like overtime Europe has become secular the US will too and the Middle East.

You forget that the last Adminstration was just as psycho religious fanatical as anyone in the middle east. Bush invaded a country in the name of Jesus and Greed not in the name of Freedom. All the Bush cronies if the bible is real are going to burn in hell. hundreds of thousands dead because of the US. You always omit that stuff.