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You read my argument, and proceed to target me, saying that I'm just here to troll. I am not; I am just here to call your out on your inaccuracies and bluffs.

Also, you "forgot"? Yeah, I don't believe that, since you tried to use them as an excuse for the bad proofreading on YOUR OWN BLOGS. And if it was written for the FO3 board to begin with, why did you put it on EQD first? Yes, you did pass it off as their fault; there are several instances on your FIMfiction page and TVTropes testifying to the fact.

My attitude says nothing next to someone who made their own sockpuppet to attack Snipehamster's argument by invoking a bandwagon logical fallacy. So what if someone gave you a plushie, that still doesn't mean your fic is as good as you think.

What windmill? I am arguing with you because you are actively attacking your critics, while at the same time trying to pass off an unpermissable crossover as legitimate literature.
Have you even sent an e-mail to Bethesda? To Hasbro? To ANYONE for permission to publish your fanfic?
Have you even thought of editing it to fit a more general role separate from either franchise, like Fifty Shades of Gray did to distance itself from Masters of the Universe?
Since you're not even bothered to proofread, I can say with absolute certainty you haven't done any of that.

Now excuse me, I'll be reporting your post for offensive behavior.

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Kkat, could you at least get a proofreader before you make this? Or maybe turn it into something different from Fallout 3/MLP crossover, like Fifty Shades did?

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No. Kkat has stolen material from both Bethesda and Hasbro without requesting permission from either. The C&D should come by the end of next month. Quote me on that.

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That is beyond stupid. If fics are going to be published, they need to be proofread over, otherwise there's gonna be mass murder of grandparents continentwide.

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...Oh wait, you're serious. Let me laugh even harder.


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By "book", I mean actually published and actually being sold by publishers. What you have is not a "novel", but it COULD qualify as an "epic". But then again, so could dreck like Latias' Journey.

And yet, you have, in fact, put yourself on that pedestal. You state to yourself and everyone else over and over that no one's criticism is legitimate, and that the fact that you have more tasteless fanboys liking your material than you have self-aware bloggers giving constructive criticism or pointing out flaws in your stories does not dissuade that fact. Hell, you can't even convince yourself of that detail.
You have white knights like Seraphem defend your every action at the unspoken promise of sex when he's too naïve to see you're male: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/lb_i.php?lb_id=1354660...
You make ridiculously long blogposts like this, justifying the execution of POWs during the Cold War: http://www.fimfiction.net/blog/297594/on-heroes-v...
You go on diatribes saying that editors are flawed and that you are perfect: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/posts.php?discussion=1...
You blatantly lie to yourself and your viewers that any imperfections are the work of a Fallout 3 board, when you in fact submitted this fic to Equestria Daily on the exact same day: http://www.fimfiction.net/blog/305980/something-o...

You are not deserving of having your MLP fan-schlock being called a "novel". If people actually considered your fanfic literature, then what's to stop fics like Cupcakes and Agony in Pink from being considered "novels" for their effect on the fanfic community as a whole?

You are not better than anyone else, Kkat. You are just a depraved man who got the bright idea from your fanart obsession to butcher Fallout 3 and make it into a skinsuit for your MLP headcanon. Now admit it, because I promise you, you will lose NOTHING for admitting your flaws here. Stop thinking someone will take your computer away for it.

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I am pretty sure that the legal issues with fanfic go beyond those definitions. Also, a novel has to be a book, not a series of blogposts on Google Documents.

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"Serialized novel"? This is a fanfic, Kkat. No one would ever call this a novel in their right mind. And it doesn't matter if this fic had spinoffs, pony fandom is still pony fandom.

When there are so many chapters, I feel afraid to read it in case I end up unable to notice the important parts.

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It's not a clopfic! Only Chapter 20.5 is clop, and it's non-canon!

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Why did the full story have to be so long, though? There's plenty of parts that could be removed, and the whole thing could've only needed 30 chapters, 34 max. Why over 50?