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The Bible teaches a truth: a house divided against itself cannot stand. There is no true division in Washington. The two major parties eventually end up doing the same thing. I’ve always said that the Republicans are nothing more than Democrats in low gear. The only true division rests in the Independents, the best in my opinion, being the U.S. Constitution Party with its states’ divisions; for instance, the U.S. Taxpayers’ Party in California. This is the third strongest party in America, just behind the two major parties. That is why the media will not give them equal time and coverage.

There are those here in the forum that will do their best to start a division in this group. If we stop responding to them, maybe they will buzz on out of here and look for another group to light on. We need to work tirelessly at being united people. The Washington elite and the left-wing news media, along with their puppet pundits, have been working diligently for years in their attempt to destroy the "brotherhood" of America's citizens. We see this best in the warfare of the classes. Most of us would like to be wealthy, or at least financially secure, while at the same time we are resentful and envious of those who have succeeded becoming wealthy. For the major part of us, if it were not for the wealthy, you and I would be out of work. Some of us already are because of the heavy taxing of our employees and the rising cost of doing business in America. Be thankful for those who share their wealth by opening up positions for employment.

Let's use this forum for continuing this uniting process. We need our own 912 national leaders and a commonly stated objective—with step by step goals in reaching that objective and everyone working together for that objective. We cannot afford to waste time here while Washington's elite goes on destroying our liberties and stealing us blind. We have our own Potomac to cross. It is a moat that surrounds the traitors in Washington and most of our state capitols and divides them from “We the People.”

We need to prepare our children for the long battle ahead. The government schools have brainwashed most of the last three generations. This battle won’t be easy, but it will be necessary if we want to retain our Republic. God forbid, it may eventually mean taking up arms against this ever-growing oppressive government...if we still have possession of our arms. I recommend hiding at least some of your arms away from your house and buried in God’s green earth inside PVC pipe sealed with PVC end caps. Make sure they are water tight. And, don’t forget the ammo. Don’t be foolish and give up your arms as so many have done. I believe one day they will come for our arms. They will use the police, sheriffs, marshals, FBI, CIA, DEA, national guard, military, and whatever other armed agency that exist to search your homes. By then, you will be a criminal with firearms because of future anti-gun legislation.

Man your post. Be vigilant! The time for fun and games is over. If we don’t get deadly serious, we just may end up seriously dead.

An Anti-Big Government, Anti-Democrat, Anti-Republican, Anti-ALCU, Independent-Party Member, Public-Community Volunteer, Anti-Homosexual, Anti-Abortion, Anti-Illegal Immigration, Pro-Border Fence, Private College and Seminary Educated Pastor, Vietnam Veteran, and American Patriot (aka known by Washington’s scoundrels as a domestic terrorist)

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That's right. So he can reach into his wallet to pay his after-death tax, coffin tax, grave tax, body-waste disposal tax, land use tax, and "rest in peace" tax.

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When does this African foreign-born, Fabian Socialist, Hussein Obamanation, have time to deal with foreign affairs when he is so busy continuing his illegal campaigning with his naive voters, while destroying our economy and stealing our liberties?

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We live in a deomcracy...

We don't live in a democracy. We live in a democratic republic. Please, take time and learn the difference. Our Founding Fathers knew the difference and gave the better of the two to themselves and their posterity. Obama and the majority of those in Washington (meaning both parties) and (mainstream media) are working together to destroy this foundation. Totalitarianism follows socialism. When people look to the government to get them out of all their problems, eventually government runs everything. Don't be fooled by their rhetoric. They mean no good.