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Interesting watching Politics Live today. When everyone, including its own party, can only laugh at a government then it’s a sign that it’s approaching the end.......

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Elections change things. No one is looking at the EU elections as anything but a nuisance and a threat to the Tory Party. But what if the EU changes as a result of these elections?
What if the new EU then says to the UK, “Ok, we can see how we’ve contributed to the result of the referendum. We will reform, we will give you some of what Cameron was asking for and plot a new path with more trade and less political union”
Then, a second referendum might make sense and those who voted Leave would feel that it had all been worthwhile to some extent.
Well, having dreams has always been an important part of politics........!

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Leaders need emotional intelligence, they also need to make the right decisions. A weakness in one of these can be managed but when both are lacking then disaster looms.
And that is the problem with Mrs May.

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That went well didn’t it!
Very interesting to read the complaints about the Lib Dem’s campaigning tactics. They are exactly the same as those used by the Tory opposition in my area - including the constant mixing up of County Council issues in District Council elections.
We also complain bitterly.........
I’m afraid it’s just how modern campaigning works. I was talking to a Conservative Leader a while back and we both agreed that incumbency could sometimes be a curse.

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He’s really upset you hasn’t he? I wonder what he did?

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Whoa, whatever Rory is he’s definitely not one of us! As a matter of fact he started in the Labour Party..........

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The by-election will be a completely different animal to the 2017 GE.

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Mrs May is vindictive and will want to settle some more old scores before she goes..........

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I didn’t see many more than usual. Less than 1% in most cases.

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Two different views today, about the timing of this. Some say it was disastrous, whilst others are claiming a master stroke? I guess we’ll find out later tonight........