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One could only wish it would actually make it to the Lame Stream Media. Again Fox will be criticized for being a right wing network for bringing this to light.

If the 3 major races are taken by GOP/CON along with this bill can you say momentum?

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Hi Susan,

Thanks for the list. Those are some high powered names voting several of them out would alone have a shot of getting a good part of our country back. Luckily none of them are in my state (NH) but we have our own problems with newly elected Jean Shaheen. She has seemed to already been a straight lined Senator for the Dem party. I was thrilled with Judd Gregg said "thanks, but no thanks" to the Obama seat.

Please all who read this get involved in voting out these politicans. I don't agree with term limits, because we have the power to create when people come and go. Our founding fathers set it up that way for a reason. We need to excerise our civic duties.