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Farewell, The Toast. Thanks for cultivating a space where my nerdiest, most compassionate, most feminist self could feel at home for three great years. See you all on the Slack—and at sea.

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I am but one denizen of the internet, but I don't think dress codes are so different from "any other topic ever" (meaning, I guess, workplace injustices that don't affect health and/or safety?). But someone who wants to change something in their workplace without getting canned probably should think about how best to get through to the decision-makers, something the petitioning interns clearly didn't do.

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This is ... evocative.

The late '90s/early '00s coincided with my brief (but sparkly) competitive gymnastics career. Before meets, we would shellac our slicked-back ponytails with a layer of body glitter--I'm having flashbacks to the green apple scent. Just add eye makeup (pale silver shadow from the Body Shop), nail polish (Hard Candy in Jailbait), and shimmery lip gloss (Juicy Tubes, anybody?).

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I don't think that talking about marriage readiness and timelines automatically makes you engaged (unless you mutually agree that you are!) or takes away from a surprise proposal.

My husband and I, similar to you and your partner, had agreed early on that we wanted to get married in the long term. As we moved from thinking about marriage as a "someday" thing to something we wanted to happen soon-ish, we talked about how he wanted to surprise me with a proposal and how I wanted to make sure we were both totally in agreement even before that. (Like, I didn't want to be thinking "AHHH, am I ready for this?" during a surprise proposal. I wanted it to be a moment celebrating our joint decision.)

So, our timeline went a bit like: husband saying "OK, I'm ready," me dithering, both of us doing some ring hunting, me saying "OK, I'm ready too," proposal like six weeks later. And I was still surprised!

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My Fancy Breakfast as of late has been sourdough toast with an over-easy egg, some chopped-up artichoke hearts, a little bit of grated parm, and a dash of hot sauce.

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Because I'm insane, I seriously had a dream last night that I was late to work, it was one minute to Toast tote launch, and I still had to climb up 12 flights of stairs to get to my office. But I guess my fretting paid off OK: ship tote acquired! Thanks, Nicole and Marco!

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Every! single! line! in that Celine piece.

You got the sense that if you told her you were leaving your partner of ten years because you just had a feeling about that guy at the dog park she would clasp her hands together and tell you that she was so happy for you and that René had come to her in a dream to say he was happy for you too.

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If anyone needs a mid-morning break, I highly recommend the joyously unsubtle Sexuality music video.