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All right, based on each of their tastes/talents...

Lord of the Rings - Twilight Sparkle
Indiana Jones - Rainbow Dash
Toy Story - Pinkie Pie
The Incredible Journey - Fluttershy
Casablanca - Rarity
Gone with the Wind - Applejack
Star Wars - Spike

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The pilot episode, "Friendship Is Magic", otherwise known as "Mare in the Moon/Elements of Harmony". While it wasn't the first episode I saw, I do remember seeing these early episodes for the first time. Like many others, I was left with the feeling "why the heck am I watching this?!" soon after. "Friendship Is Magic" is your basic pilot episode. The first part's only purpose is to introduce to us the characters. We're introduced to Twilight Sparkle, Spike, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, and finally Fluttershy. While meeting the main characters is important when beginning a series, there's no real conflict in the first part until right at the end when we glimpse Nightmare Moon for the first time. Hard to believe how this one villain, after she reforms herself, would eventually become default favorite pony for a majority of the fans. As for the character introductions, I feel they're somewhat basic. We learn that Twilight is a booksmart-nerd with no friends at first, that Applejack is a hardworking farmer, that Rainbow Dash is a cloudbusting pegasus, etc., etc. We're only given peeks of what these characters are truly capable of, and they don't really get a chance to shine until later in the series. But you kinda have to go light on this episode because it's only the beginning, as most shows usually take a while to settle into what they eventually become. I feel this one is no different.

Then we have part two. Now that the conflict with Nightmare Moon's been set up, we start getting more than just "Hi, there, I'm so-and-so!" The Mane Six start on their journey through the Everfree Forest to recover the Elements of Harmony. One of the things I really love about MLP is all the lore that surrounds it. Equestria is one gigantic place, and there's a calvacade of potential characters and stories that can be created from it. Once the ponies start on their quest, they are each given a task that somehow or another ties into their respective elements. Of course, these are tests of honesty, kindness, laughter, generosity, and loyalty. I feel I should mention Pinkie's test. The earliest songs from the show, like Giggle at the Ghostlies, really don't do much for me personally, I even kinda cringed just typing the name of the song. The first song that really stands out is "Winter Wrap Up", as it's the first song to be sung by an ensemble instead of just Pinkie Pie (ironic, given that Pinkie Pie is my favorite pony). One of the most recent episodes, "The Mane Attraction", shows how far MLP has come with its music and tearjerking they can be. Finally, I want to talk about their showdown with Nightmare Moon, specifically the visuals from the sequence. If there's anything the show established from early on, it's how impressive they can be with the animation. When the elements are supposedly shattered, Twilight realizes that each of her newfound friends represent the elements. I've always liked the visuals when the Mane Six unleash their magic upon Nightmare Moon. I remember reading that Lauren originally thought this scene would be impossible with Flash animation and wanted it reboarded to work. So the animation has never once been lackluster. And of course, at the very end we meet Princess Celestia and Princess Luna. One thing that's always puzzled me is why does Luna have a different character design in the first season opposed to later seasons? Still, we get a sweet ending where Twilight requests to stay in Ponyville with her newfound friends. :-)

In conclusion, I think this turned out to be a better episode than the first part set up. I don't think it's as good as some of the later two-parters, like Season 2's "The Return of Harmony". But again, you have to go easy on this one since it's only a pilot episode.

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This has got to be the hiatus starting to kick in because just when you've thought you've seen everything this fandom has to offer, they prove otherwise.

Seriously, saucy planes? That's plane crazy.

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A friend of mine introduced me to the G3 movie A Very Minty Christmas, which I have to admit wasn't too bad. Minty felt kinda like a pre-G4 Derpy Hooves though, what with her being as clumsy as she was. It's also where the ponies in socks meme got it's origins in the brony fandom. The only other G3 MLP movie I've seen was Twinkle Wish Adventure, but it wasn't as good.

Also, you wrote that as though Pinkie Pie liking parties was a completely different characteristic. How is that any different from the Pinkie Pie we all know and love?

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{sighs} Remind me why Seth MacFarlane ever became a cartoonist, because not a single one of his shows are funny. They're all crass and no comedy.

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No Star Wars/MLP art? I am disappoint.

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Please go to bed, Seth. You're starting to creep me out.

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I would much rather be getting a Season 5 boxset than another of these themed DVDs.

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Yeah, I can see it. What's going on here? Something gone haywire behind the scenes that we don't know about or is Seth just being Seth again?

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Only if they let him sing again. What would be the point of having "Weird Al" on the show if he doesn't sing?