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I didn't think this one was filler, but I did feel that way about much of season 4. Season 1 through 3 seemed to do really well to avoid filler episodes, using most episodes to world build.

When it come to filler, i don't know how someone manages to become a writer and write such stupid or last concepts or characters of shows at times. It doesn't seem too hard to come up with 22 good ideas and two 40 minute ideas each season.

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First episode I have actually really liked since Maud Pie. I especially liked Celestia's behavior.

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No. The CMC have been ready for their cutie marks since the end of The Cutie Pox. It is used as a plot device for CMC episodes to put them in unusual situations. They are probably planning to milk it as long as they can.

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Just found out the new episode is at 1130 and not 1000. I was worried the stream was messed up.

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You're not alone, I felt much the same as you. If the episode had actually had Tank die, it would have felt more real, and then RD's attitude wouldn't have seemed ridiculous.

Also, there were alternative solutions. One, Rainbow could have simply kept TanI indoors somewhere warm for the winter like every reptile owner does, and then he wouldn't hibernate. Two, she could have taken him somewhere south, and visited him throughout the winter.

This episode just felt very subpar to me for the series.

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It is inevitable that Disney influenced Lauren Faust and the other crew members of the show. How directly of an influence in regard to the specific characters and stories is not really discernable. Everything in art, writing, and entertainment is influenced by it's predecessors, being steered away from bad ideas and building upon good ideas.

I think Friendship is Magic is different enough in many ways, because the characters are quadrupeds and ponies, that most of it's influence probably came from things like Bambi and The Lion King. It would be interesting to hear the crew members reference specific series or movies that inspired them.

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Despite the picture, Rainbow somehow confused the right triangle for an isosceles one. Rainbow failed.

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Mrs. Hooves, you're trying to seduce me....aren't you?

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I figure the mane 6 are assumed to be about miniature horse sized like in G1. Celestia would then be about the size of a Clydesdale. Luna and the average stallion would be around the size of a typical earth horse.

The confusing thing is Big Mac and some of the other stallions are modeled off draft horses, but they would be smaller.

This image would be a good comparison of how I see Celestia, human, and mane 6 target="_blank"> <a href="http://." target="_blank">.

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So Pinkie sense might actually be The Force. Makes sense.