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I wish I was going! It sounds like an incredibly useful presentation...

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1. I recently closed two of my blogs. I wasn't updating them very regularly. Blogs to me seemed to be pure exercises in unadulterated self-intoxication. I can't imagine people wanting to hang on my every word...

2. On a scale of 1 to 10, make it 8.7?

3. A. Prizes? If something is really worth doing, why do you have to bribe us with prizes? Are we in nursery school?

B. I have my hosting setup.

C. Mildly Interesting.

D. This is worth doing!

E. Celebrities? Please, are we in high school?

F. Okay?

4. If the project is worth doing, you don't need to bribe me.

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:-) I suppose that the problem is not "Revival" in and of itself. We want the kind of revival that we can control. We want the kind of revival that allows us to still remain as the only deity in our own private universe, so we can ssssstill be assss God.

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Question: Is any of the material available in digital format or online? (Reading lists... audio or video podcasts... etc.?)

I cannot go -- I'm lucky to make it to church and the doctor. The thing is... people wander in and out of my life all the time. I was born with two silver feet in my mouth when it comes to speaking of what Christ has done.

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:-) I have really been looking for something like this! EVERYTHING I've read recently sounds more like taking a phrase or a word and repeating it until it means absolutely nothing.

In a lot of ways, this reminds me of what my Pastors say about "How to study the Bible" and "How to listen to a sermon": How does what I'm reading/hearing point to Christ Eternal/Incarnated/Baptized/Crucified/Died/Resurrected FOR ME?