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Oh! Well, that must negate that link then!
And that one
And that one....
That one
This one....
And that.
Your friends would know better.
I should totally get my facts straight. Because it's not like I'm married to a dutchman.

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We juggled in school. Fourth grade, I think.
I never got it.

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Actually, maybe you should get your facts straight. They closed down some prisons because there were not enough criminals, but they're also not welcoming toking tourists. It was all over every cannabis website about 3 months ago.

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Holland has actually changed their tolerance. They will no longer serve cannabis to tourists.
So now, they're going backwards.

And lol at my Canadian Ghetto slang.
I was so just trying to sound hip.

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Check out what is going on in Mexico to see how useful decriminalization of cannabis is. It's just another way for the government to control it without taking responsibility by regulating. That's a huge part of the legalization movement. If it's regulated (like most things are) it would be safer, more reliable, and probably a more reliable potency, which means people would have to ingest less.
Regulation would be better in terms of keeping out of the hands of children.
Decriminalization takes the penalties away without addressing the real issues with prohibition.
Is that English enough for you?

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My apologies.
Even English majors make mistakes occasionally.
Thanks for being so sweet when you point it out though.

Besides, when you try to be the grammar police it only tells me that you don't have a useful argument to the actual point I made.

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We're uneducated? You're perpetuating nothing more than an outdated hollywood caricature.
Cannabis sativa and humankind have evolved together, and it's only in the last 100 years that we've waged a war on this plant. Look where it has taken us. Nowhere.
Do you feel the war on drugs has made a difference in terms of usage?

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To overdose, you would have to consume 40,000 times as much cannabis as you needed to get stoned.

In contrast, the ratio for alcohol varies between 1 to 4 and 1 to 10. It is easy to see how upwards of 5000 people die from alcohol overdoses every year and no one EVER dies of cannabis overdoses.

So, actually, it's not... because you CANNOT die from it. You're perpetuating lies, or misrepresenting the truth. It was probably unpleasant to have over stepped your limit, but not as bad as any other overdose because you're not dead.

If you (and every kid) was properly educated about what is a proper amount to ingest this wouldn't happen, and if it were legalized and regulated it would have been harder for you to get.
Illegal drug dealers don't ID.

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I really hope that my comment didn't "get lost". One of them was posted, but the one that cites lots of info, links, and scientific data to discredit Ms. Richards' claims was not posted yet. And I submitted before my other one.
I put a lot of work into that comment. If the mods (for whatever reason) choose to not post it, I'd like it emailed or otherwise privately messaged back to me. I should have saved it and I knew it.