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'End of Austerity' probably means even less than 'Brexit means Brexit' - How can you confess to administering domestic austerity if you are giving away so many Billions in foreign aid - Brilliant example of this governments cowardly lies and utter hypocrisy - And a good example of why May will be the last Conservative prime minister if someone truly spectacular does not replace her.

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May is spectacularly uninspiring to the Party let alone the Nation and the lack of attendance at her biggest event of the year is glaring evidence of this - She clearly intends much greater surrenders to Barnier than Chequers and can't understand why Barnier will not play along or maybe he is - From what she actually does like insisting on paying Billions to Brussels regardless and keeping us under the thumb of the ECJ, which is the main weapon by which Brussels rules Europe, you have to assume her scheme is to keep us sufficiently in the Brussels Buncker that rejoining in a few years will be easy peasy?

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Spot on - Amazed the MP's are so blind to this, the very people you would think would be most aware - Presumably the remain MP's are so dazzledd by the arrogance glowing from the Brussels Buncker they are oblivious to their immenent mowing down by Corbyn's Momentum - (Curtesy of May's cowardly ghost like leadership which can be explained by her determination to remain under the ECJ thumb so that future reentry to the EU will be easy?)

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The only vote winner of record is Boris, he inspired London to vote Tory, unbeleivable - May as a leader is useless on every front and is a vote loser of record, she singlehandedly lost a 20% lead to Corbyn who everybody knows intends to wreck Britain as we know it - May is getting like Hilary and making voters think anybody but her - Her legacy of cowardice in the face of European arrogance is just so deja vue of ealier historical humiiations and probably wrecks future elections unless someone like Boris makes a bigger impression - Really the choice is a gamble on Boris for those who don't like him or face a generation of oblivion curtesy of May -She had the greatest opportunity a peace time prime minister has ever had to inspire and shape Britain but spectacularly did the opposite - You can so see people voting for Corbyn out of sheer depression and dismay!

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May must be mad to believe a Canada style trade deal is worse than no deal at all and even madder to just say it and not believe it - The only logical explanation for what she actually does is that she intends to remain sufficiently tied to the ECJ that reentry is easy - A big clue is that she certainly intends to be paying billions to the EU for as long as possible regardless of 'negotiations' - She has to go immediately if the party is to see office ever again that's for sure.

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May's glorious Britannia moment has, as expected, been crushed by the Rasputin of No 10 (Olly) and she is back with his pantomime horse named Chequers which keeps us enough in the ECJ stable for top UK bureaucrats like him to still be promoted to the Brussels Bunker - May is the sort of Captain that is dedicated enough to ensure that the ship goes down with her it seems?

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You can so see between the lines of this article how Merkel's Migrant Madness will be a marker in the history books of the beginning of the end of the EU - Extraordinary how the excessively humanitarian mirror image and exact opposite of the zeitgeist allowing the final solution is so incredibly destructive as well?

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So with Chequers trashed unanimously by the EU as well as the majority of the Party is May's anger facilitating her channeling Maggie - And will Olly exorcise any threatened thoughts towards genuine British independence from Brussels? - She has said good stuff before but gone crawling back to Barnier for more humiliation which of course is what they expect and why they gave her a good thrashing at their 'Spectre' round table.

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This is true - They desperately want the money and although their accounts are never approved even they cannot fill the void their already committed spending makes without our billions - (Presumably Merkle writes a cheque to cover no deal?) - They really do want to punish us and if we commit legally to their bidding they will be quite imaginative in administering the pain - What is hard to fathom is having exposed the true arrogant bossy anti democratic nature of the EU through this 'negotiation' so many still love it?

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Excellent evaluation of the situation and very good advice to a prime minister who unfortunately is bound to find a way, unimagined by logical thought, to make a complete alienating hash of it as usual - Who else would call a bizarre and pointless general election and lose a huge poles advantage to an aged protest student and then alienate to resignation natural conservative cabinet members with known voter appeal - From what she does rather than says you have to assume she intends for the ship to go down with her? - She has managed to get behind in the poles to a party guaranteeing financial suicide and steeped in a racist crisis indicating scuttling the ship is her stock in trade?