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The vulcans probably thought it would be a fairly short assignment. They haven't made a secret of their opinion that humans aren't ready to be out there exploring space and probably expected the enterprise mission to only last a short time before the humans freaked out and bailed back to earth or did something monumentally stupid and were forced to head home with their tail between their legs.

No doubt they are quite put out that neither of those scenarios has come to pass so far.

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As I said the problem with Alec peters was that he was using the money raised to make the non profit fan film to pay himself wages, a big no no with non profit fan films, used the money to rent out a film studio with the intent of using said studio to make non Star Trek films for profit, re carpet that studio, create and sell merchandise with the Star Trek logo on without permission from those who hold the rights to the logo, and as revealed in emails during the court case approached netflix to try and sell them 'his idea' of Star Trek axanar. It's not surprising that cbs/paramount went after him.

Star Trek continues have never tried to profit from their film making and have always used the money raised to make their fan films to make the films and nothing else, have always been respectful and have been quite open about their intentions to wrap up their series in it's usual format so it's no surprise that cbs/paramount would be lenient and let them finish out their series the way they want.

Like I said axanar is really great promo with no film to show. Whether the final product would have been as good as the promo is something we will never know now. I really wish he would have just used the money he had which was way in excess of what he had asked for to just make the film cause the promo really showed a lot of promise.

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I believe the focus of the fan movie was to be a historic battle at a place called axanar between the human and Klingons that greatly influenced the alpha quadrant and later lead into the four races that founded the federation forming their first alliance together that would later become the federation. Not too sure how the race called axanar would have featured in that.

But instead of actually creating that movie after they reached their crowd funding target they decided to just keep raising money for it whilst spend the money on things they weren't supposed to like a film studio, paying themselves wages, producing merchandise for their film that had the official Star Trek logo on it without permission and selling said merchandise, trying to sell their axanar film idea to netflix etcetera

So whilst they did single handedly screw everything up for everyone else they never actually made their film beyond a well put together promo

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Kira is my favourite too thanks for answering :)

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My question wasn't about how he was used on the show but how he was treated by his fellow characters. There's a group of fans who feel he was treated better by sisko and co who seemed to at least listen to his opinions/advice instead of straight away dismissing it even when it made tactical sense the way picard and co always did. And there are fans who don't notice any difference. I just wondered if mark had noticed anything.

This is an interesting tangent though. I think I terms of things to do and character development it's about equal. He certainly got more physical stuff to do on TNG what with always being the security guy called in to handle intruders and getting into fights but I think he got more personal things to do on DS9.

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Yaay Q&AS time

A) Which character surprised you the most in their development over the series? Were there any characters you expected more from?

B ) Were there any plot lines you would have liked to see explore more? Or felt could have done with less screen time?

C) Some people believe the character of Worf was treated better by his fellow characters on DS9 than he was on TNG and others feel there was no difference. Did you notice anything?

D) which of the cast do you think had the best character arch?

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I love this series! They used to show it on sky one all the time when I got it on dvd I took it to uni with me and made my classmates watch it and I had the novelisation as well though it didn't really add very much. It's a shame they never go the sequel miniseries off the ground

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They also later made a series with more episodes only a couple actors from the miniseries returned though

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I used to love this show I think I recorded most the episodes on VHS and would rewatch them regularly also has some good songs I think mark would like this show

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This was a show I really enjoyed watching when it was on tv would be fun to hear mark review it