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I agree. He is no apologist for extremists. But he is an apologist for the failures of "modern" Islam. He thinks it's all fine and dandy, just some nasty people (who are not really Muslims) give it a bad reputation.

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More brushing the real problem under the carpet.

It would be much more helpful if you, Mr Amin, admitted that your religion has a big problem. It is backward. It needs to be brought into the 21st century. ISIS or whatever they call themselves, are just demonstrating this (for you) very uncomfortable fact.

There would be no ISIS but a large number of Muslims think like them even if they personally wouldn't cut someone's head off.

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This concentration on "British values" is a political compromise.

We should expose and tackle the inherent contradictions and nonsense of Islam. This is not very difficult to do if you are not frightened of loosing votes (and in the long run it would win votes!)

And these values, what is so British about them? They are largely the "values" adopted by modern developed people that have made a far bigger contribution to mankind's progress than Islam has ever done.

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I'm not so sure about this "Islam isn't a monolith" argument. At least with the Catholic Church, a good example of a monolith, you know where you stand.

Perhaps Islam needs to stand for something; the problem (for Muslims) is deciding what that is. And, that it is compatible with the rest of modern humanity.

"If the MCB wants to help our country, one of the most useful things it could do is to publish its own criteria for distinguishing between non-violent Islamist extremists (who are beyond the pale) and the overwhelming majority of non-extremist Muslims."

Excellent point, but I think we will have to wait a long time for an answer.

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I think this is a "manufactured" comment. Anyway, on the matter of dress, in general, would you be happy to see people in your shopping centre/neighbourhood dressed as storm troopers? Perhaps, everyone should wear some kind of uniform, you know, just to rub in all our differences.

On my part, I don't particularly like to be reminded of a religion that condemns all who don't believe its dogma to burn in hell for eternity no matter that they might have been perfectly decent, honest, and good people.

And, the veil is simply rude in this country.

Some of this Islamic dress practice is downright hypocritical too. The headscarf is meant to diminish a woman's attractiveness, I believe, but I'm continuously amazed at some of the headscarf arrangements you see around London, combined with lashings of make-up and the smartest of western dress from the neck down.

It's look at me, I'm a Muslim. I'm better than you. In your face!

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The heart of the problem is Islam itself.

There is no other mass religion on earth that draws such a sharp distinction between its own members and others, or whose holiest text devotes as much time towards condemning and dehumanizing those who choose not to follow its dogma.

This and other Islamic beliefs that clash with modernity will only ever be solved by Muslims themselves but it will help if our politicians have the guts to state the problem clearly and honestly.

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"What I’m against is the promotion of ideologies which are only put on our agenda as a result of mass murder"

ISIS and its ideology is on the agenda for a host of reasons: for a start; treatment of women, sex slavery, throwing gays off tall buildings, pointless destruction of ancient monuments, suppression of other religions, belief in authoritarian dictatorship (the caliphate) and practising it. And, it's a version of Islam. It's all in the Quran and the hadith.

Classing it as just another criminal activity is ridiculous.

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"Think IRA, it gave young men a cover story for killing people and running drug gangs"

No doubt some ISIS followers are more interested in "making a living" than fulfilling any religious objective. Many of them have no alternative such is the economic backwardness of places like Syria and Iraq (due in part to the prevalent Islamic cultures).

However, the "excuse", Islam, as you put it, plays a vital role. It fuels the flames and provides guidance and leadership. It must be negated.

And, there is little comparison between Northern Ireland (which seems to have found a peaceful way forward) and the centuries old failings of the Middle East Muslim world involving millions of people.

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Underlying Mr Amin's analysis is the belief that there is a religion, his version of Islam, which is free of all imperfections. And it's nothing to do with the false religion, the version of Islam providing the justification for the outrageous and inhuman acts of ISIS and their ilk

The Anti-PREVENT letter says:

"However, PREVENT remains fixated on ideology as the primary driver of terrorism. Inevitably, .... serves to reinforce a prejudicial worldview that perceives Islam to be a retrograde and oppressive religion that threatens the West. PREVENT reinforces an ‘us’ and ‘them’ view of the world, divides communities, and sows mistrust of Muslims."

This is a reasonable statement, as far as it goes! Unfortunately no British government is going to provide the required response.

That is, ISLAM IS THE PROBLEM, a religion based on threats (you burn in hell for eternity if you don't believe), intolerant, full of contradictions, and inclined to violence to get its way.

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Source: Pew Research Center, April 2013

On average, seven in 10 (70%) Muslims in each county in the greater part of the Muslim world, favour making Sharia the Law of the Land.

Of these, 58% favour whippings or cutting off the hands of thieves and robbers, 60% favour stoning as a punishment for adultery, and 53% favour the death penalty for apostasy.

18% of all Muslims say suicide bombing attacks against civilians in defence of Islam can be often/sometimes justified.

See summaries here: