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In all this mess the Supreme Court lets both of these branches break the laws and sits by and watches. They don’t care who does what, as long as they get to make big decisions when a case comes to their court. They don’t care about the American people, they merely care about making their mark in history with what they decide. I’d say they’re committing a criminal act as well by sitting by as people break the supreme law of the land.
Our government no longer fears us. They look at us as their minions. People they get to collect money from and pry into our lives. They don’t care what problems you’re having or what you care about when it comes to the big issues. As long as you keep sending them money and voting for them, they could care less what happens. They need to be stopped. It’s time the American people rose up and showed them how the government is suppose to go. People shouldn’t fear the government, they should fear us, we, the people.

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Day in and day out the Congressmen and women ignore not just the people that did or didn’t elect them but the State Congressmen and women as well. The politicians have split off from the world to a new place called “Capital Hill.” In this world, the politicians have fun screwing with the American people. They raise taxes and vote for bills and stimulus packages that aren’t needed but they do it anyway to have on their record for the next election. The get paid to do absolutely nothing that we want. The sit idly by as the Executive Branch overrules them and allows the President to pretty much dictate what they can and can’t approve. I’d say that these are very much criminal acts and they should be punished as well.

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Our government is turning to the ways of not just the Empire of Great Britain but to the ways of the Soviet Union and the Nazi Germany. The President is by passing the Constitution and creating positions called “Czars”, a word that Americans have learned to fear through the course of history. These “Czars” are able to do whatever they want and answer to no one but the President. Their positions are already covered by real Government Agencies but the President creates them to get around the checks and balances of the Constitution. This is a criminal act and he should very much be punished for it.

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Those men were very smart, brave, and honorable men. They stood up to an Empire that no one dared challenge at that time. But they did because they had suffered long enough under the tyrannical hands of that empire. Today we face very much the same challenge.

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Two hundred and thirty-three years ago, a Congress sat in Philadelphia and adopted a document which would marvel in the history of man. This document set not just a declaration but a standard for the world. This document was the United States Declaration of Independence.