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I often wonder with Spock. It wasn't long ago that he was advocating for EFTA/EEA in lieu of EU, which is single market membership. For the far right of the party, you offer them a hand they want the arm. Even if we got No Deal they still wouldn't be happy....

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The idea of leaving the EU without a deal does not solve the issue of our relationship with the EU. We will need a trade deal regardless and given the unwillingness of many to compromise, it is actually going to be tougher as a third country negotiating with the bloc, than as an outgoing member of the single market.

This debate will rumble on for years and no amount of smaller deals will account for tariffs and additional bureaucracy created by a no deal Brexit.

The Tories used to champion abolition of red tape and standing on one's two we are getting replacement subsidies and even more paperwork, with the UK taxpayer having to foot the bill.

It is no accident that Thatcher was a champion of the single market to avoid all those things; but, the myopia of the current leadership means we will be stepping decades into the past not into the future.

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This is the same man who filibustered a bill to bring in free parking for carers in NHS hospitals, said black people are "more likely to be murderers" and said people should be allowed to hold up "I hate fags" banners at Pride parades under the guise of so-called free speech.

The idea that one would trust this man or his suggestions with a view to treating customers or retail workers fairly is an insult. He has been part of the problem for well over a decade with his ignorant rhetoric.

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Hopeless opposition - they forget that oppose is in the name.

On Covid they want us to be locked indoors indefinitely getting paid and on Europe they don't have a policy.

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I think the scepticism largely for me is for how long immunity is provided by taking the jab and any side effects. I have no hostility to taking injections if they are demonstrably effective; but, without these having been tested for a full winter with mutations it is legitimate cause for concern. I don't think it helps that the Government has clearly lent on the regulator to grant approval faster than anybody else either. They have lost a lot of credibility with their handling of the lockdown, they should have let the scientists do the necessary tests without political interference.

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A small factual error but the EV count for Trump will be 232 assuming he wins North Carolina - Alaska for some reason has yet to be called; but, Trump will win that, he leads by 30%.

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Seems like Brine is promoting vaping because it is the only way BAT or Imperial Tobacco can make money. The reality is these stocks are not the way of the future and if one looks at the future of Philip Morris or Altria across the pond the prospects for the industry look bleak.

Vaping is simply a stop gap solution for fag companies before they go bust; but, they don't really fill a need in the market and the health consequences are unquantifiable we would do well to let them go the same way fags have already gone.

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The reality is that countries with much lower infection and death rates than ours have managed on social distancing with a 1-1.5m rule. The issue was never really to do with the distance it was due to the delayed lockdown and lack of testing and it is still patchy even 3 months later.

It has been a shambles from start to finish but so long as certain segments of the electorate prioritise Brexit above all other subjects this is the leadership we will get.

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I thought they were one and the same, he could do with a new top set and he isn't even 40. Maybe Boris could advise him on contemporaneous hair cuts so as to avoid any further embarrassment...

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I don't think it requires much effort in the current circumstances...but sadly the esteemed author exemplifies why we are the butt of all dentistry jokes even 7 decades after the war within the entire Western Hemisphere.

Forget CoVID, be reminded of the horrific indictment of state-funded British orthodontics.