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Spoiler alert: you stil aren't.

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This all sounds frightfully bureaucratic and costly and I am at a loss as to what this achieves. So much for the £250m a week in savings, all the extra customs controls and immigration officials.

Just put it back to the people no deal vs remain and have done with this.

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EEA/EFTA was always the solution, stop wasting everybody's time and get it sorted.

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The game is up Mark. When the editor of this site is calling for EEA membership albeit reluctantly and the parliamentary maths stack up in no other way one has to conclude Johnson has united his opponents and this his first vote as PM.

Going around withdrawing whips etc might make him feel strong but the irony is that he can still be held in purgatory thanks to the Fixed Terms Parliament Act and now enjoy not a shred of support on his "domestic agenda" if there ever was one.

Time is up, I think the softest of soft Brexits or Remain is how this saga concludes.

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To be honest, I am struggling to see how this ends without revocation of Article 50 or second vote.

İf the Commons continually votes down any solution the EU will just keep charging a fee for extended membership and have the benefit of the UK vacating the table at most meetings: a permanent purgatory for us and relative paradise for them.

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The whole Brexit process has been fatally undermined by the agreement with the DUP. That the fate of our entire nation is predicated on protecting the wishes of 10 MPs is an indictment of our democracy.

Brexit required that in the aftermath of the 2017 election a Cross Party deal was done that protected jobs in both services and manufacturing and resolved the Irish Border issue as well as other rights issues.

Instead we got a government trying to negotiate with its own backbenchers who wouldn't agree to anything until it was too late and the results are plain.

No deal represents even fewer MPs than the Withdrawal agreement or a second referendum or indeed revoking Article 50 and does not have any mandate among the public. Another extension and a vote on no deal or remain is the only way out.

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If you are mug enough to believe he will raise taxes and do any of this after his £350m a week for the NHS you can't be helped.

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I find it hard to believe the Damascene conversion of someone who wanted the privatisation of the NHS and lower taxes to then now want it to cover social care.

And where is the money going to come from on a continuous basis, Jacob? It won't come just from "savings" surely higher taxes...even higher in the event of a crash out Brexit.

This fake compassion fools noone.

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To compare the EU with a genocidal regime bent on world domination is an insult to all who fought in WWII.

I would be intrigued to know what parallels Donald Tusk and Adolf Hitler have, especially given the former's efforts to ensure that his country would leave the Russian/Soviet orbit.

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Agreed. However, I don't think Francois is being tongue in cheek ; his comments regarding the head of Airbus, his father and "not taking orders from any German" should be borne in mind.