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The real issue is that these psuedo-apologies are so omnipresent.

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Well, I'd be inclined to cut a candidate some slack about the number of days. Fatigue does take its toll.


What could he be fatigued about? His golf game?

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Here's the thing - if a student who doesn't test well, and may not have mastered the specific material that is focused on (math and science), actually gets in, that just makes them the lowest scoring student in the school. NOT a good place to be in those very competitive high schools.

At the School of Performing Arts, white are less likely to be admitted. If they had an affirmative action that let them in anyway, minorities would be foaming at the mouth.

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Over a 100k for a "dog-handler"?

Not only noveau riche, but darned stupid!

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Where DO they find these invertabrates to work at State?

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I'm really sick of the Obama administration and the Democrats vilifying private citizens who speak out. Government office is NOT a license to libel and smear.

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Dumbest professor?

How could you decide on ONE person, when there are so many that qualify?

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I vote for outsourcing the security to Russia - they don't take $hit from anyone. And, if Hillary told them to take the bullets ouf of their guns, would die laughing - before they slapped her upside the face.

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Oh, we conservatives and libertarians just don't understand "nuance" and "measured response".

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"kind of disturbing"?

Just when I was beginning to think that the media and other Liberals couldn't sink any lower....