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This seems like the appropriate place to tell the story about how I tried to take a classic sci-fi course at Hunter. Was a bit worried when the syllabus had I think one short story by LeGuin and no other women. Was more worried when the teacher went on and on about how much he loved stormship troopers. The movie. This was our first reading, we had to do some writing about our impressions of it. I, of course, mentioned the disgusting misogyny/racism. The (white, male, natch) teacher told me it was satire. I disagreed. He accused me of getting "emotional" and being "too involved".

Only class I've ever quit, and I full-on flounced in the middle of that class, right after he said that. I also wrote a letter complaining about him to the dean and head of the english department, though I doubt it did any good. Being a pulsing jelly would serve him right.

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It's my ringtone! I told my fiance that whenever I entered a room I wanted people to go "Here comes the generAL" so she gave me the next best thing. It makes me happy every time.

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I know it's prooooobably too late in the open thread for many people to see this, but here goes anyway. I remember a discussion some time ago about dentists who are nice and do not shame/yell/scold, etc. I know my teeth are bad! I know what I should do, I just clearly am NOT WILLING to do it! Scoldings will not help! Ugh. I need to see somebody, but I am a-scared of the judgement.
Anyone have any recommendations for dentists in the NY area, or some kind of yelp for dentists where I could look for nice ones? Thanks!

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That is the exact same pronunciation my mom uses! And now I use it to, just because it's habit. But I also say things like "FOR MY BLEEDING VAG" and "it's like the elevator scene in the shining down there!" and "BLOOD FARTS" so I feel like it evens out?

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Awwww, thank you. That made me feel much better today!

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I do all the dishes, because my fiance hates doing it with a fiery passion, but it evens out, cause I don't have to laundry evaaaar. But there is a slight issue in that we both have some issues with spoons/energy levels, so we also try to be forgiving when things pile up. In other words, there is a big pile of dishes in the sink and I don't waaaaaaaanna. But I'll get to it eventually. Sigh.

Really, we just need a butler or something, we are Bad at Grownuping.

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Oh ugh. I'm so sorry, that sounds terrible. If you're in the NY or Long Island area, I HIGHLY recommend the Women's Health Pavilion, esp Dr. Santiago. She's WONDERFUL. I've been dealing with an unfortunate cascade of lady-parts nonsense in the last couple years (ruptured cyst, mysterious cells in cervix, surgery, just barely escaping cervical cancer...fun). They have surgeons and doctors and everyone is professional and lovely. Also, Dr Santiago is like the Fastest Hands in The West (of my vagina) which I REALLY appreciate.

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I have a sibling who's lived in Vegas for many years as a teacher, and my dad is now retired there. They both like it a lot. The suburban areas are basically like any other suburb, and there's lots of awesome hiking and parks around. Very pretty and nice weather. It's really easy to avoid the Strip if you hate it. Fear not!

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My first concert was Deep Blue Something (as in Breakfast at Tiffany's), but I was like 7 so I just sat on the bar and fell asleep. It was a pretty good nap!
Lilith Fair at around 12.
GooGoo Dolls (opener Fastball who were AWESOME) was my first "concert" without my parents. It was in the CYC gym. We sat on bleachers. Jonny Reznick wore a cowboy hat and my bestie and I had an only half-joking argument about which one of us he winked at.
Counting Crows like 5 times, once they coheadlined with John Mayer but I left 2 songs into his set cause he was SO BORING).
Girlyman, every time they were in NY. I miss Girlyman.
I have no regrets and no shame for any of it.
Edited because I can't believe I forgot about going to see Savage Garden! I was so in love with them.

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