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i hope i'll have a wife or even girlfriend that would understand survival the way i do. it beats confiding in Fido the dog for comfort.

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i don't have kids, so i leave it to the baby daddies for some valuable advice. still, on a side note, has anyone considered training bob, jr. to be like rambo or maybe chuck norris? :)

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i wonder if anyone has ever heard of a Woodman's Pal? if you haven't, you should get one because of the following: it could be used as a machete, shovel, huge knife, makeshift crowbar, and an axe as well. this tool literally defines reliability, durability, and versatily. plus, it is big enough to be used effectively as a self-defense weapon, if you need to bash a few brains in as well as chop down a few trees.

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this really depends on the longitiviy of the disaster. if it was a local, small crisis like a hurricane or a flash flood then i would definitely lend out all the help i could dish out.

however, i would also consider this point too: when i was in elementary school, all of the kids would ask me for school supplies such as pencils or paper simply because i was the "nice guy in class" (wat eva). eventually, i had to severe my aid so that i would have supplies for myself.

all in all, if faced with this question, i would play it safe and be a little selfish to perserve myself and those i care about the most.

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this question requires a good analogy: let's say john doe wants to join his high school's football team. just because he goes out and buys all the gear he needs to participate on the team doesn't mean he is a sure-in for the QB position; rather, he needs to hone the skills necessary to succeed in being a good football player, not to mention getting into shape along the way.

therefore, i believe knowledge is better than gear in any survival situation.

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im with most of the people here who say that money won't get you out of every situation. maybe you could use it as material to help start a fire if it's that worthless.

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i wonder if anyone thought of drenching a Q-tip in Vasculine or petrelum jelly. it basically works the same as cotton balls sweared with pj but it could also serve as a backup match, so to speak. and you have basically two matches with one Q-tip, just in case you screw up the first time.

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im with this article on the point that people in a chaotic situation should blend in with the crowd. however, this doesn't just involve what survival bag you carry. even stuff like how you dress could or what you're riding in could spell out an easy target to the wrong people. my advice is to go simple on everything to avoid making yourself look like to go-to guy for that situation

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ppersonally, in the 9mm vs .45 debate, i would have to side with the bigger and better .45 ACP. i am not knocking on pistols, but most are used within a safe range of fifteen yards or less by most defensive shooters. as a result, it is obvious to choose the round that would provide you enough punch to teach the bad guys a lesson; ultimately, that round would have to be the .45 ACP. there is nothing wrong with a 9mm; however, in my opinion, i would rather have a BB gun than a water pistol in a firefight, so to speak.

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personally, i favor either the pick-up truck or the Jeep Wrangler. both vehicles are very reliable and you can haul a lot of survival gear if needed. Plus the price for both is hard to beat; i mean, vehicles like the Unicat are alright and flashing, but in a post-disaster i don't want to be the target of anyone because i look rich or something. however, i also have to make this point: where would you get gas in a disaster situation anyway? better have a bike, just in case.