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Lol I dont know why you want someone to show this to Jan, I think you remember the last time you pop´ed up on Jan´s stream and confronted him about your little "Opinion" friend. I would know, after all, I do moderate his streams.

So yeah, do please stop beacuse I think you´ve said enough back when Jan´s C&D first appeared CMC_Scootaloo.

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...This is Legal? I didn´t know people from the show were allowed to post stuff like this.

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I really hope its the Twilight from the Human Dimension and not the Pony Twilight we all know and love.

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Hmm... I´d wear the Pinkie Pie, they look discrete enough if you take the face off.

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I´d play that Dorito´s free game with this costume just to see how hilarious it would look.

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I only love Pinkamena beacuse of how her mane looks, I mean seriously, its like Pinkie has a wet mane 100% of the time and it fits very well.

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Diamond Tiara is Best villian.... mainly beacuse she´s the only villian that we all ACTUALLY hate.

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I mostly heard the sounds "NYAA!" being said multiple times so I give it a like and a fav just for that.

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I think at this point its obvious why people do the "Ice Bucket challenge" to the point that there´s no need for it to be mentioned WHAT its the porpuse of it.