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Thanks Guys!

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I don't know Ron...I may have hit it this time. Here's the first review... http://www.monstersandcritics.com/movies/reviews/...

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Thank you! I try. I've just been very (thankfully) busy making movies!

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What gets confused here is the fact that the costs associated to produce "art" are costs associated with making it professional. When it is professional, it should be forced to compete in the free market and not rely on government to fund it.

Anybody who wants to spend their free time and disposable cash on cheap supplies can produce any type of "art" imaginable. I can make a "film" with my blackberry and free editing software I download online. What they're really talking about here is paying for the higher end supplies (real movie cameras, recording studios for music, etc.) that takes it out of the "art" realm and into the market.

And to really piss you off, the reality of most of this funding is that it goes to support the artist. They live off of this money. Their "job" is to produce art without any financial responsibility or real world consequence. It's welfare, and instead of society getting a few extra kids and potential maximum security prisoners down the line, we get a crappy painting or a bunch of mp3s of music that freaks out your cat.

As somebody who has sold his soul to make a living doing what he loves creatively, I can't begin to tell you how angry this makes me. I would have preferred to make sensitive personal films and live comfortably, then fight with network executives about the color and size of a mutant shark. But hey, I was raised not to be a sponge.

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I could not agree more with both your review of the film or your assessment that libertarian/conservatives should be investing in film rather than donating money to smarmy PACs and loser candidates. I'm a blogger for Big Hollywood and an Independent Filmmaker who actually makes money with my films... a lot of money. Yet, I've pitched a lot of the usual suspects in the political world about investing in films that have a political bent and it's all crickets.

This more than anything could be a game changer for the long term.

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And let me point out something that I have yet to see noted. Chinese people and Korean people do not look alike. I guess to the enlightened, non-racists of Hollywood this isn't really a problem because, to their intellectual eyes all Asians look alike.

In their attempt to not offend, I think they have done something even more offensive and ignorant. I wouldn't be shocked if this movie disappears all together.

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I'm not saying that Box Office is indicative of quality. Quite the contrary.

My point is that we are constantly told that Hollywood is all about business. That they make left wing garbage because it plays well overseas and it has a wider audience. The Box Office is proof that they are agenda driven and not financially driven. Pro-American films like this one have a much better track record that left wing, anti-American films.

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I want to echo John's sentiments. I saw this opening night in Connecticut, a few miles outside of New York. Even there, in the bluest of blue states, the audience cheered several time throughout the film. It is one of the most unabashedly pro-American, pro-military films I've seen. The reviews from critics are hilarious. What's more hilarious is the fact that the audiences and the critics completely disagree. And, dear friends, the box office doesn't lie. Once again, movies made for people who don't live in LA and NY make more money than the praised drivel that Hollywood usually turns out.

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Kathy Griffin is worse than Charlie Sheen.

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Where do you see that Lorre is a McCain supporter? All I could find is that he called Levi Johnston and American hero and trashed Sarah Palin.

Someone should take away his kids.