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So, ole Brian always looks like he was just hit in the face with a cast iron pan? Good to know.

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He wants to make sure every "baby" gets 9 months sleep in the incubators womb.

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"We certainly want to care." Right, there he answered it! He WANTS to care and make sure babies get enough sleep.
Duh librulz!!111!

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White bread, corned beef and mayonnaise: That sums up Romney's personality right there! Bland, overly processed and SUPER WHITE.

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Another instance of white-on-white crime. Why can't you people act civilized instead of like the viking hoard you descended from?

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Am I the only one who thinks he looks like Mr. Potato Head?

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Old white guy with AK-47 is alive and charged with aggravated assault while a black kid in MO is shot dead after holding up his hands and stating I don't have a gun. 'Merica

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First rule of racists: If someone calls you a racist, protest and tell them hey are not interested in a honest dialog.

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“We need to change this [all white, male workplace] by injecting people that do not pay attention to the laws of this country, do not assimilate to the cultures, do not work and contribute to this nation”?

So he hates women AND Blahs! And apparently workplaces were better when everyone was smoking ciggies all over the place.

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No snark: Please note the little black girl with the yellow beads in her hair looking on as the only president with the same skin color as her is mocked in the town she lives in.