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Craig H
Nothing personal here either, but if you're willing to follow someone, anyone, 'come what may', maybe it's you that is in the wrong party?
It is right and proper that members should question EVERYTHING, it's a democratic party not a dictatorship! It's the only way to progress.
Remember, the excuse "I was only following orders" is no defence.

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Having seen the article in the News Of The World, I wonder if the authors of some of the comments on here understand the bigger picture?__The newspaper may well be a sensationalist rag, much of the story may well have been invented, but the article has spread like wildfire and is being passed around all the various social networking sites and is still growing. This has, without doubt, set the Party back many, many years.__We can't just shrug this off, incidents like this need immediate and thorough action, the individuals involved must be expelled in the most public way possible and steps taken to limit the possibility of this type of incident happening again, i.e: don't accept membership applications from people who fit the stereotypical view many people have of us!

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Look on the bright side, it'll hopefully stop them stealing everyone elses!!

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Aside from this judge telling it how it is, there remains the all important and very obvious question of WHY a Jamaican was claiming asylum in the first place?

Has Jamaica suddenly been ravaged by civil war or something? Surely the whole point of asylum is to escape to another country when life in your own is too dangerous, or where you're being persecuted for your beliefs/religion?

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Oh, I say, what a fantastic result, and exceptionally well done to all concerned.

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My 'other half' used to be an activist for the UAF and today did something she never expected to be doing....voting BNP.

Having seen first hand the abuse and lies our members are subjected to, well, to say it's an eye-opener is an understatement. She can't believe she was suckered for so long.That's one more of us, one less of them!

There were also 8 people at work informed why UKIP were a bad choice, and one other is now convinced we have no intention of 'gassing the disabled' (I can't believe people fall for this rubbish).

The rest of them at work are immigrants =/

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This should be one of our election campaigns!! Fantastic!

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Please submit the link, if available, I'm sure there are plenty of us who would like to let The Comet know where we stand and what we think of them.

The good news is that, despite lies and rubbish being printed about us, people are not stupid (apart from Labour voters, obviously) and detest being told who to vote for and can see the smear stories for what they are.

The more they print, the bigger the lies, the more publicity we get.

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Ah, will they never learn?

My workplace employed an Iraqi asylum seeker 4 months ago, who has tried to get 3 long term employees the sack for 'racism' on 3 different occasions (and almost succeeded).

I was informed this week his 'cousin' and his brother are to be employed, too. It's only a matter of time before there's Halal meat in the canteen and they have their own prayer room, as the company seem to be jumping through hoops to appease anyone from foreign shores.

Give them an inch and they take a yard. It's starting to look like there are no restrictions on 'asylum seekers' whatsoever.

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Well, ladies and gentlemen, just a reminder as to where to send your complaints:

The email addresses to use for The Sun are as follows: