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The only thing worse than a terrible and completely different adaptation of your favorite book, is a great and completely different adaptation of your favorite book.
Yeah, while I could never hate it, I found it hard to accept the franchise for a long time since I've been reading that series since I was 8. Buuut I was won over by the second film. [Even if Valallarama wasn't nearly as cool.] I do sometimes wish I could see parts of the book animated though.

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In the next season we'll see this tree journey to Tartarus to gain vengeance for the one he loves.

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I'm slightly surprised CN's getting Transformers considering the attitude it's taken towards action shows recently. Considering MLP can't really be classed under that it'd probably be ok though I highly doubt it'd ever happen.

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Now I feel a bit bad for not having watched the documentary...

But I really hope John De Lancie sees this, it's very impressive & entertaining, especially the short at the beginning. Fantastic job!

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It started as a meme and became part of the slang I guess. Like 'Brohoof', THE ROYAL CANTERLOT VOICE, and 'Parasprites'. At most it means; X is best pony in my opinion.
There's a sort of fandom consensus that it doesn't actually mean "I assert this pony as the best one and all others are inferior" That's why you get jokes about how Spike/Tom/Discord is best pony.

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I'd laugh if all of the mane 6 became alicorns,but twist! they do it one per season finale. So there'll be an awkward time when only Twilight & Dash are alicorns and by the end, all of them are alicorns except for the last whose waiting impatiently and brings it up at every opportunity.Then in the last episode she finally get's her wings and horn and Boom! Show's over.

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Grogar shares some similarities to Sombre in some ways.

He's the ram-like ruler of city named Tambelon, usually located in a sort of limbo called the Realm of Darkness, but appearing else where once in a while. Five hundred years ago he was sent back there after an attempt to take over Ponyland. Back in the present times, unicorns start winking out (teleporting out) but didn't wink back in again. It turned out that they'd been teleporting to the re-emerging city and captured by Grogar's soldiers; the Troggles. He keeps a promise to try and take over again and pretty much succeeds, capturing all the ponies and the other prominent characters and species of the show, with the intent to banish them this time round.

However it turns out that most of the Troggles aren't happy with Grogar as his main form of employment is slavery. After a failed first try, they all escape the prison and join up with the Troggles. Que some bell stuff and revolution which ends with everyone escaping as Tambelon is one again banished with Grogar inside.

And that's basically a summery of 'The Return of Tambelon' and the story of Grogar. It was pretty awesome when I was about five.

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I'm sorry if I misunderstood you. I admit I'm a bit lost when it comes to the 'reality' talk.

I wouldn't equate the disney films to folklore, there is a distinction between it and modern media. Though from what I've seen, the levels of sanitization in modern works seems to be all over the place? On the other hand isn't that how it's always been? The Grimm's tales are famous for their violence but they also bought in heavy christian themes.

It's for this reason I don't believe that telling your own version, no matter how light or dark, is wrong as long as it doesn't attempt to undermine other versions. But that's just my view so fair enough if you'd say otherwise.

Sorry if my previous post came off as aggressive, it definitely wasn't the intention. I guess it's a wider response to citing a single 'original' fairy tale (almost always Grimm's) when those tales have such a rich history. I'm also sorry if my posts aren't very clear, communication isn't one of my best talents.

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I'd disagree, in most cases there are no 'real' or 'original' fairy tales. A lot of those tales were told orally and so were changed with almost every telling.

For example Cinderella. One of the most famous versions is of course Disney's Cinderella, released in 1950. A lot of people will however claim that the Disney version is incorrect and the true version is the Grimm's version, recorded in the 19th century. However Disney's was based on Charles Perrault's version recorded in 1697. However our earliest existing version is the greek tale of Rhodopis recorded in the 1st century BC and even then the narrative seems to have been well spread.

The wonderful thing about fairy tales is that they can belong to everyone, and can be told by everyone. You can argue that some may be better or more enjoyable but each one is as valid as the other.
And that was my rant about fairy tales.

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I have mixed feelings I guess?
I've always felt that fandom, and yeah, I guess the Brony fandom might actually work as a topic for a musical. I guess it's colourful, enthusiastic but also weird and slightly embarrassing enough.
But I fear that it might end up cringey and just sort of 'ego stroking' for the fandom? I guess what I'd like to see is something that's sincere & loving but also very self aware and not afraid of self-parody & self-depreciation. Also something that might bring in the subject of 'fandom' as a whole.
The production team seems good so maybe I should be more hopeful.