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Actually in our system sometimes Ministers do have a role in legal activities - remember it was the Home Secretary who ultermately decided if a murderer went to the gallows or not.

I have no idea what advice Gauke has received as to the decision of the Parole Board, but I would wager that it was that there were no real grounds for Judicial Review of the decision because it was correctly taken - I don't say it was the 'correct' decision.

However, I do think that the composition of the Parole Board needs to be looked at and I also firmly believe that there needs to be a review into the holders of the office of Director of Public Prosecutions. I have been dismayed at some statements made by Saunders and I do not think that Starmer (nor indeed McDonald) should be involved in party politics. If you hold such an office as DPP you should be barred from politics (either as a Peer or election) for 10 years after you leave.

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But Germany is basically the root of so many of Europes problems. By her stupidity she is busy destroying much of Southern Europe, Greece being the most extreme example. What will happen is eventually the Germans arrogance and stupidity will destroy the Euro, and perhaps the Germans will discover that much of their accumulated 'wealth' (meaning the Target 2 balances) will turn to dust. If only they had listened.

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There was actually another group, the Edenites who opposed Appeasement. Churchill was a more solitary figure and was deeply distrusted because of his opposition to the India Act and later his support for King Edward VIII. It was mostly Conservatives who opposed appeasement - the Labour Party was lead by the arch pacifist George Lansbury.

When Chamberlain won/lost the Norway debate he asked Churchill if he saw any reason why the Prime Minister should not sit in the Lords. Churchill turned away and looked out at the garden and didn't answer. This is basically why Chamberlain advised the King to summon Churchill, which is what His Majesty did.

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The answer to your first question is undoubtedly NO. People forget that the Germans murdered a quarter of the 1939 Polish population - 3 million Polish Jews and 3 million ordinary Poles. The Poland of 1939 does not now exist - Poland has been moved westward. I don't think any other country suffered as much from the Germans as Poland did.

Hitler continued what had been basic German Foreign Policy objective since the Kaiser's time of dominating and ruling all of Europe. The EU is a continuation of that basic German Foreign Policy, but it is now being carried out by economic means rather than by tanks.

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One thing about Sir Winston Churchill was that he was a patriot and a true servant of his Sovereign. He would never have agreed to the massive transfers of Sovereignty entailed by the modern European Union, because he loved Parliament and the House of Commons. Churchill was well aware of the Continental love of tyranny and oppression, and he would have been wary of the current atempt for a 'United States of Europe' because it does not have a solid democratic base much less the consent of the peoples of Europe. Fatty Soames is besmirching his Grandfather's memory and name.

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What I understand is that he was indeed charged with one rape. However, there were over 100 woman who came forward and made allegations. I think the problem is he wasn't prosecuted correctly and the fault for that lies with the DPP who was McDonald at the time of charge, but Starmer at the time of the trial. To be fair to the Judge, he can only sentence in accordance with the Law and it would seem that from the evidence presented the sentence was correct.

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It would be a case of 'push the lever. . . '

I don't myself believe that there ought to be 'Victim impact statements' or any of the other guff we now have. But equally I find it troubling that Worboys was able to rape so many woman, and he has not been charged with a full catalogue of his crimes, was given an indeterminate life sentence with only an 8 year tariff. Personally I do believe that he would be a danger to women if released but I can see no real way the parole board decision can be challenged much less reversed.

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The reason that the Fascist EU cut up rough over FOM with Switzerland was because it had a bilateral agreement with the Swiss which was bundled up with other agreements and so if one was negated they all were. It is a good example of the bullyboy tactics of the EU.

The problem with EFTA is that it is not the original EFTA of 1960 because they have created a new treaty. Had teh original still been around then I would agree that it would be sensible for the UK to rejoin, particularly because I could see this possibly developing as a counterweight to the EU. The great tradegy is that the UK Political Class didn't stick with EFTA. It was a much, much better concept that the silly EU and far better suited to most European Nations.

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Jonathan, you are tying yourself up in knots over this. As far as I am aware FOM is NOT part of the EFTA Agreement. It DOES form part of the EEA Agreement, but as you know Switzerland is not party to the EEA. It has bilateral Agreements with the EU which are nothing to do with the EEA and EFTA.