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8-Maeve Annie & Jane Dress-VGUC-$30

8-Girls from Savoy Marching Orders Skirt-VGUC (some minor pilling on seat of skirt)-$25

8-Edme & Esyllte Heartsease Habotai Top-EUC-$20


Size 8, NWOB Marais USA Ribbon Mary Janes-$35


Size M Lucky Penny Freehand Tartan Belt-GUC (some bubbling in the leather around the buckle)-$20


XS Yoana Baraschi Top-EUC-$35

XS Cole Haan Trench, Poppy Red-VGUC-$90 OBO

XS-Sanctuary Black Cheery Neo Grunge Coco Jacket-NEW-$30

S-Haute Hippie Embellished Silk Chiffon Button Down-EUC-$55 OBO

S-Elizabeth & James Tunic-EUC-$45 OBO

S-Textile Elizabeth & James Rosebud Top-EUC-$30

S- J.Crew (Retail) Floral stripe Tee-EUC-$25

S-Free People Candy Peplum-EUC (marked S/P, doesn't match petite sizing though)-$25

Again, PLEASE FEEL FREE to send offers!!!

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S-Yellow Bird Colored Pencil Cardi-EUC-$35

S-Guinevere Recital Cardigan-VGUC-$35

S-Maeve Tiburon Blouse-VGUC (small smudge on back of top)-$25

S-Maeve Islet Button Down-GUC (some wash wear)-$20

6-Elevenses Bellerby Skirt-VGUC (couple of minor loose threads)-$45

6-Velvet Somewhere, Anywhere Dress-EUC, Comes with straps-$35

6-Leifsdottir Plumada Blouse-VGUC-$20

6-Edme & Esyllte Springing Season Top-VGUC-$20

6-Leifnotes Windflower Top-VGUC (small spot on front, looks like it may come out)-$20

6-Edme & Esyllte Noriko Top-EUC-$18

6-Edme & Esyllte Blouse-GUC-$17

M-Eloise Sunny Forecast Chemise Dress-$22

M-Postmark Pintuck Pique Romper-VGUC-$22

M-Vanessa Virginia Left Alight Halter-VGUC-$20

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Hi there!
I've got lots of new items and I've lowered prices!!! I have mixed sizes, so I'm listing in order of size.
Please feel free to email questions, etc to : (alicia)(and)(ava)@gmail.com

Prices include shipping and I'm open to offers!!!

XS-Deletta Caledonia Cutout Dress-EUC-$40

XS-Deletta Rising Falling Top-VGUC-$30

XS-Deletta Fukuoka Folds Dress-VGUC (extremely minor wash wear on bodice, still looks lovely)-$30

XS-Postmark Gathered Mesh Peplum-EUC-$20

XS-Porridge Gabby Sweatshirt (More like a tee shirt IMO)-EUC-$20

XS-C.Keer Raw Elements Top-VGUC-$20

XS-FEI Ibos Tank-EUC-$20

0-We Love Vera Snow Covered Fields Dress-EUC-$45

2-Holding Horses West Stable Dress-EUC, Comes with straps-$45

2-Edme & Esyllte Cultivated Maxi-EUC, Comes w/straps-$45

2/25-Paige Roxley High Waist Trouser Jeans-EUC-$40

2-Moulinette Soeurs Tuberose Lace Skirt-NEW-$35

2-Maeve Kasuri Pencil Skirt-VGUC-$30

2-Odille Corps de Ballet Top-VGUC-$18

2-Cartonnier Piped Boy Blazer-VGUC (will need wrinkle removal)-$25

2-Odille Top-Unsure of name (if you know, please let me know!)-EUC-$25

4-Hi There from Karen Walker Emmie Blouse-EUC-$35

4-FEI Pesisir Top-EUC-$20

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6-Velvet Somewhere, Anywhere Dress-has straps-EUC-$35

6-Odille Candy Stripe Dress-GUC-$30

6-Floreat Ile Royale Dress-GUC-$25

6-Leifsdottir Plumada Blouse-VGUC-$20

6-Portrait of a Girl Wrap Around Blouse-GUC-Small indent on back of top-$25

6-Elevenses Tropica Crops-GUC-$25

6-Leifnotes Windflower Top-GUC-$25

6-Edme & Esyllte Noriko Blouse-EUC-$25

8-Maeve Plaid Dress-EUC-$45

8-McGinn Cooling Magma Dress-GUC (spot on front)-$30

8-Edme & Esyllte Heartsease Habotai Top-EUC-$25

M-Maeve Urcos Handkerchief Dress-VGUC-$35

M-Eloise Sunny Forecast Chemise-EUC-$25

M-Postmark Pintuck Pique Romper-GUC-$25

M-Weston Wear Hazed Landscape Peplum Tee-EUC-$25

M-Moth Cardi (Unsure of name!)-EUC-$25

10-Maeve Traced Denim Dress-VGUC-$40

10-HD in Paris Sun Stitched Top-VGUC-$25

10-Edme Esyllte Vittorio Epaulette Peplum Top-EUC-$25

12-Plenty Tracy Reese Powdered Pigment Dress-EUC-$50

12-Maeve Paraiso Dress-EUC-no straps-$45

Size 9 M-Miss Albright Glossed Bow Sandals, Red Colorway-NWOB-$40

Email: (alicia)(and)(ava)@gmail.com

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Hi there!
Prices include shipping!
Please feel free to submit offers, ask questions, or request IRL photos: (alicia)(and)(ava)@gmail.com

I have mixed sizes, and will list in order of sizes!

XS-Deletta Caledonia Cut Out Dress-in this print-VGUC-$40

XS-Sparrow Stacked Spots Pullover-EUC-$35

XS-Weston Wear Constant Salutation Top-EUC-$20

XS-Postmark Gathered Mesh Peplum Top-EUC-$20

XS-C.Keer Raw Element Top-VGUC-$25

XS-Porridge Gabby Sweatshirt (more like a Tee)-EUC-$20

XS-FEI Ibos Tank-EUC-$20

0-We Love Vera Snow Covered Fields Dress-EUC-$50

0-Viola Field Found Skirt-VGUC-$35

0-CLC Bared Branches Dress-VGUC (small spot on front)-$25

0/25-Holding Horses Denim Pencil Skirt-Bottle Green-GUC (some wash wear)-$25

0-Floreat Twirling Peony Blouse-VGUC-$20

2-Holding Horses West Stable Dress-No straps-EUC-$45

2/25-Paige Premium Denim Roxley High Rise Trouser Jeans-EUC-$45

2-Moulinette Soeurs Tuberose Lace Skirt-New-$40

2-Maeve Kasuri Pencil-VGUC-$35

2-Cartonnier Piped Boy Blazer-GUC (wrinkled)-$25

2-Odille Corps de Ballet Top-VGUC-$25

2-Edme & Esyllte Mysterious Message Skirt-GUC (there is some color bleeding at the hem, it's not too noticeable)-$25

4-Maeve Songbird Skirt-VGUC-$35

4-Fei Pesisir Top-EUC-$25

S-Maeve Tiburon Blouse-VGUC (tiny smudge on back)-$30

S-Porridge Shape Suggestion Skirt-GUC-small spot, wrinkles-$20

S-Maeve Islet Button Down-GUC-Minimal wash wear-$25

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Non Anthro:

If you are a Gucci fan-new with tags, retail $1500-silk stretch halter dress-dusty rose color-just needs to be pressed-Size Italian 44 which is a US 10, but dress runs a tad small so will likely fit an 8-asking $200

J.Crew (Retail) Cece Pyramid Flats-Size 7.5-GUC, just some minor wear/bends etc-$40

Size 10-Tory Burch Brigitte Military Style Shirt-NEW-$40

Size M-Tibi Aztec Paisley Dress-NEW-$40

Size 2-Trina Turk Taffeta Plaid Dress-EUC-$40

Size L-Charlie Jade Maxi Dress-VGUC-$40

Size 2-Current/Elliot Jumper Dress-New-$30

Size 4-Diane von Furstenberg Maupiti Wrap Top-EUC-$35

I have a TON of J.Crew items as well-if you'd like a list, send me your size and I can tell you what I have!!!
Thank you so much for looking!

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6-Postmark Sketched Vignette Dress-GUC (spot on front)-$25

6-Leifnotes Windflower Cold Shoulder Top-GUC-$25

6-Floreat Ile Royale Dress-GUC-$30

6-Portrait of a Girl Wrap around blouse-GUC-$25 GREEN COLORWAY not Navy

6-Edme & Eysllte Noriko Blouse-VGUC-$20

6-Velvet Somewhere,Anywhere Dress-EUC, comes with straps-$40

6-Elevenses Tropica Crops-GUC-$25

M-Eloise Sunny Forecast Chemise-EUC-$30

M-HWR Daphne Crown Tank-GUC-$20

M-Weston Wear Hazed Landscape Tee-VGUC-$25

M-Bordeaux Layered Tank w/Stone Embellishment (don't know name?)-GUC (small hole under arm from tag)-$24

8-Edme & Esyllte Heartsease Habotai Top-VGUC-$20

8-McGinn Cooling Magma Dress-GUC (spot on front)-$35

10-HD in Paris Sun Stitched Top-VGUC-$30

10-Edme & Esyllte Vittorio Epaulette Top-EUC-$20

10-FEI Scattered Sequins Skirt-GUC-$20

12-Maeve Paraiso Dress-EUC-$45

Size 9 M Miss Albright Glossed Bow Sandals-NWOB (light scratches on sole of one sandal)-$40

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Prices are lowered-I am willing to consider offers! Please email if you would like pics, etc

Price includes shipping-I have multiple sizes, I'm listing in order of size

Thanks! aliciaandava@Gmail.com (alicia)(and)(ava)@gmail.com

00-Postmark Ping Pong Tank-GUC-$20

0-Maeve Height of Summer dress in NAVY (not pink)-GUC-$25

0-Corey Lynn Calter Bared Branches Dress-GUC (small spot)-$25

0-Portrait of a Girl-Satellite Blouse-GUC (wrinkled)-$18

0-We Love Vera Snow Covered Fields Dress-VGUC-$50

0-Viola Field Found Skirt-VGUC-$30

0/25-Holding Horses Bottle Green Denim Pencil-GUC (this skirt has a distressed look)-$25

XS-FEI Ibos Tank-VGUC-$25

XS-Porridge Gabby Sweatshirt (more like a tee)-VGUC-$20

XS-Weston Wear Constant Salutation Top-EUC (like new)-$25

XS-Allihop Jetty Jumper Knit Dress-VGUC (small spot)-$30

XS-Bordeaux Tee-unsure of name?-VGUC-$20

XS-Postmark Gathered Mesh Peplum-EUC-$20

XS-C.Keer Raw Elements Top-GUC-$20

XS-Lilka Tulip Festival Romper-VGUC-$25

2-Odille Corps de Ballet Top-VGUC-$22

2-Viola Dress-unsure of name?-VGUC-$30

2-Holding Horses West Stable Dress-VGUC (no straps)-$45

2-Coquille Spliced Ikat Shift-VGUC-$35

2-Girls from Savoy Novella Dress-GUC (spot)-$45

2-Edme & Eysllte Mysterious Message Skirt-GUC (some color bleeding at hem, not too noticeable)-$20

2-Moulinette Soeurs Tuberose Lace Skirt-NEW-$40

2-Cartonnier Piped Boy Blazer-GUC (wrinkles)-$25

2/25-Paige Roxley High Waist Trousers-EUC-$45

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0-We Love Vera Snow Covered Fields Dress-EUC (tiny hole under arm from tag)-$70

2-Girls from Savoy Novella Strapless Dress-VGUC (there is a small spot on the front, it's very light)-$60 OBO

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6-Leifsdottir Plumada Top-VGUC-$25

6-Velvet Somewhere, Anywhere Dress-EUC-$40

6-Elevenses Orange Pekoe Dress-EUC-$35

6-Girls From Savoy Gull Wing Dress-EUC (one of the string sash loops is partially detached)-$60

6-Elevenses Tropica Crops-GUC-$25

M-Weston Wear Hazed Landscape Tee-EUC-$30

M-HWR Daphne Crown Tank-VGUC-$20

8-Edme & Esyllte Heartsease Habotai-EUC-$30

8-Maeve Magellan Dress-EUC-$55

8-McGinn Cooling Magma Dress-GUC (there is a spot on front of the skirt)-$40

10-Edme & Esyllte Triad Peasant Top-GUC (loose button loop)-$20

10-HD in Paris- Sun-Stitched Top-VGUC-$30

10-Fei Scattered Sequins Pencil-VGUC (wrinkles)-$20

12-Maeve Paraiso Dress-EUC-$45