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False flag preparations and how to is being mapped at the Pentagon and TelAviv's military HQ. Russia has an advance plan to thwart American israeli project to bomb Iran in a highly surprised attack from the sea and directly from Israeli installations in the Middle East including that of Saudi Arabia and UAE. Iran is already well ahead in preparing for such evil plan of the ZioUSA! This will, however, not save NutAndYahoo from his ill fated final days of humiliations. Despite all the sureties by the embattled Trump administration and BoJo's pending demise, along with Saudi pending economic suicide and soon the decertification of UAE, Iran will emerge as a winner similar to Syria leaving black face for the genocidal troika!

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If one can find the original (unsanitized) version of the evil Talmud possibly prints before the 1960's, can read what the Jews are taught about the Christians and the Christianity particularly about Jesus! You blood will boil if you are a bit religious Christian!

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There's still is the International Court of Crimes that can handle such useless pardons if a great lawyer puts up the courage to challenge the genocidal USA!

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All the stolen oil of Syria is being delivered to Israel as gift from Trump!

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Most if not all of the American weapons being shipped and sold are done by none other than the Israelis with full knowledge of our sold-out whor*es in the Congress and rest of the ZOG agents!

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What's preventing Bolivia to take this criminality of the USA at the UN. i know UN is another tool of the same cabal but at least there will be a record of the Motion filed by Bolivia!

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Is there anyone in the Democratic Party or the MSM, who is not worthy of contempt?" This is the real question we must ask. So let all the self proclaimed worthless do gooders of the MSM, the Democratic party and rest of their lackies linger in their misery once Trump gets reelected and the entire UkrainGate blows up on their faces. I did not vote for trump but got fooled voting for the turncoat Bernie Sanders! Not again! This time, thanks to the heap of garbage loaders the MSN and their Democratic idiots, I'm voting for Trump!

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I totally forgot to mention about the co-conspirators and the facilitators of the MSM hoodlums? Like bender Anderson Cooper, the sicko Rachel Meadows, and rest of their lapdogs? They all must be tried and convicted too. They can claim their defense as journalists which none of them are and will be proven party to the Deep State's crimes. I hope they are not just kicked out of their lucrative jobs but put in jails!

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Thank God for Deep Sate? Since when God was discovered to be thanked by these hard core demoralized criminals? If they had slightest notion of God's presence or His existence they wouldn't have committed all the crimes against America! They need to be put in hard labor camps when they are tried and convicted. But we must also take away their pensions, fringe benefits, and any and all the frills went with their retirments including any and all the incomes from their book sales, TV contracts with the Fake News Networks like the CNN, the CNBC, ABC, CBS et al!

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Deep State is shaking in their boots for what's heading their way... compliments of Dept. of Justice internal investigations! What makes them tremble in their sleepless nights is the fact that a similar secret investigations with lots of teeth is underway for the same criminals now hiding behind closed door Intelligence Committee hearing of sicko Shifty Schiff who is desperate for his Deep State buddies as a sacrificial lamb to somehow derail the warrants of arrest of all of these chronically sick Deep State and their buddies like Schiff and Co! Hillary will be first one to be hauled away for her orange jump suit gift!