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That's are the best mass plushies I've seen so far.
I'm intrested in the other stuff, Nici always has good keychains, O hope there will be some ;D

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I really wish I could just here how german sound not the meaning of the words. =/

The translation is okay, the songs are good, the show is designed for English language. Literally translations are to long in many cases. Translation are clumsy sometimes, but seen worse.

Well my friends and my way of speaking isn't angry exept WHEN I'm angry. I really wonder how some people speak their own mother language. Even arabic dosen't sound that way it's just very fast.

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No one mentioned it here, just for attention. I think that's a good beginning. Because it's not funny. Nationsozialism is a problem everywhere we never should forget, what happen when people like this be heard.

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Hope there is a way to send them to Europe, I want this Box thingy!

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That is genius! With Harry Potter my favorite re-enacted. ^^

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Uii, I definitive will like this... *~*

Why I find Discord's voice so sympatic xD
Great voice acting, I seems we have everything for the case FiM end. Brillant animators, voice actors and a fandom who stands behind them.. ^^

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Spoilers ,Spoilers, everywhere.
Hasbro, why not put the summary of the whole Season on your site? -_-

She looks like the sister of Cadence and this star in her eyes are scary ...

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You can already preorder Wave 6 in a Onlineshop here in Germany. http://www.spieletom.com/My-Little-Pony-UEberrasc...

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Oh yay, count me in... ^,^
Who needs sleep and food anyway, time to draw some ponies. :D

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So many Shirts, WLF they trolling me, I have enough but I want more... xDDD
Man.... Ipod and Ipod touch users are lucky, there a billion of cool pony cases but my classic don't get a nice case not to mention my mobile... =/