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I listened to all the tapes carefully, and then searched the web if someone had the same impression like me, after cosmokitten stated
at the police officer asked him to not follow was clearly false.

Here is one: What does G.Z mumble under his breath as he chases after Trayon Martin.

any specialist should be able to get more clear. I have to leave, but I really feel like getting banned myself.

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I liked your comments a lot. I am aware that Pat is hypersensitive towards anything he feels is descending.
It was this:

As to your being a member of the NRA, I sympathize with you.

Now even the link to your website is disconnected. I only found my way back via the cache.
For a long time I avoided the issue, but in spite of trying to be fair, and assuming he may have reasons I misjudge from my limited understanding of the US context, and the reasons behind his position, I have a really hard time to understand him.

To me it feels that ultimately it doesn't matter for him, if Zimmerman killed Trayon Martin e.g. simply out of rage that Trayon dared to defend himself´, even hit him on the nose.

This is by far the best question anyone asked:

I asked and it was not answered. I'll ask again - had Trayvon Martin survived the shooting, he should have been put on trial for attempted murder, right?

Are you sure he wasn't examined? Not even that?

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Did Pat Lang ban you?

I am absolutely on your side concerning your comments. A couple of years ago I was very interested in personality rights post mortem. That was a good argument. Obviously the parents have to defend their son against defamation.
Take care.

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The question is who did what here, David Allen:

Jewish press concoct threat against 200 Jewish students in Florida university
by Phan Nguyen on April 10, 2012

The real sad story is that Jewish students are apparently not fit for university, since they can't even recognize a mock eviction notice if it is printed on it in bold letters. You want me to really believe this? Everybody that prints this story should be prosecuted for libel.

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Citizen, I judged from the people I met. And to use a slightly arcane way to put it, the person that had the most influence on me is a descendant from the tribe. She has always been an avid reader. Yes I thought Jewish people were readers to a much larger extend than other groups, but the net teaches me I am wrong.

So, yes. I somehow took the image for the real. But if you are a reader and the Jews you encounter are either friends or bookish friends, it can happen. One day I'll look into the genesis of the image:


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Which means: Before you ever look at the wrong done by the sponsored crusading forces, you have always keep in mind that the Palestinians do not want them there. And their claim to the land is a result of that? Which is the racist counter face or your 360degree?

Basically I would agree with you. The problem is that they have only 22% of the land left by now, and that Israel--in spite of it's image cultivation as part of the West--would never dare to do it to any other Western people.

I am much less interested in the settlers, I would be much more interested in an "archeology" of interests behind the whole enterprise.


A Jew walks into a bar with a parrot on his head

"What can I get for you?" asks the bartender.

The parrot says, "Awk! We are going to remove all the illegal outposts"

The bartender says, "Yeah, I know, you say that every time you come in here. But what can I get for you?"

The parrot says, "Awk! We are going to remove all the illegal outposts"

The bartender says, "Look you said that yesterday and the day before yesterday and the day before that. What can I get for you?"

The parrot says, "Awk! But this time we are going to remove all of them in one day."

The bartender bursts out in uncontrollable laughter, doubles over and drops dead.

The parrot looks down at the Jew and says, "Now can I have a gin and tonic?"

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The most amazing thing one encounters is the lacking wit in these ideologues. I'd never thought I would witness that Jewish people can be just as easily propagandized as any other group on earth, maybe even more perfectly.

But then no other group has a similarly convincing narrative: "people will always hate us, they have done so before they will do to eternity", thus they do not really need to consider their actions, as it must lead to heightened suspicion against almost anybody except for other Jews.

It may be a very helpful tale, to accomplish things no matter what others feel or say, but it clearly has it's danger components, as we witness, if it is combined with power and no consideration of others feelings. It can become pretty explosive it feels.

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"That being said converts are a minority of Jews living in world"

How do you know? Why are there so many different Jewish features if they ultimately descended from the same people? How did that come about?

You are aware your argument thought to the end is essentially about ethnic purity? Whom does this remind me of?

You should read the standard on the Jewish history of conversion, benshlomo, but then you better ignore it.


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Wonderful, thanks.

The only way to justify this literal occupation of other people’s lives and land is to make them inhuman.

That's the central point. It accompanies the many words of the ideologues like a shadow, for the observer often the shadow takes over. In what strange ways do people have to knot up their brains to avoid this simple realization?

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Did you have troubles with him? Did he not publish something you wrote and what was it. Could you be more specific?

He is retired, and I assume as a man of the military conservative. But that's not what you mean, is it? What political agenda. What is yours? I accept all kind of political agendas. No doubt there are red lines, beyond which I probably too would be suspicious. But than I could tell you why.

I think he is concerned, maybe concerned as an Arabist, that is he may well know a little more about the region, and in specific contexts more than you do? Financial agenda? In what respect? He is retired?