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I wonder if we'll see Trixie in the Pie family episode.

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I wish it was Pinkie Pie. Between her g3 cameo in the first movie, the commercials with Megatron in The Hub, having the first crossover cover in the comic, and making the transforming sound in EG, it would have come full circle.

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That running at 1:15 looks awkard, especially if this is supossed to be released theatrically. I don't remember if it looked like this in the previous movie, nor feel like going back to check.

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And then Medusa is killed by decapitation in her sleep. The End.

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The art seems nice, I just hope the issue will have more Diamond Dog designs than variations of the three (four counting the guards) from that episode.

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Mane colors wtf? I need to read the rules one day so these updates stop confusing me.

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For a moment I tought the green one had mutated humanoid arms.

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Back then it was for the PREPARATIONS for the Games, not the Games themselves as it is the case now. If they consider Spike a hero, it makes sense they would want to receive him when everything is prepared, surprise him, instead of asking him to work. Seemed obvious back then and now is pretty much confirmed.

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I expected the villain to be that shadow at the end of Castle-Mania. Hopefully it may play a role anyway.

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Since these take place before the movie (I think), Twilight has yet to be introduced.