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9 years ago @ Wonkette - Texas Mom Drops Challe... · 1 reply · +9 points

I might suggest as balance "Ragged Dick" by Horatio Alger, but she'd probably think that was porn as well.

9 years ago @ Wonkette - Creationists Mad At JF... · 2 replies · +38 points

This is all very true, but it's worth pointing out that JFK was talking out of his ass about the sea-blood similarity. Salt water has a MUCH higher salt content than blood does, 3.5 percent to about 1 percent for blood. So therefore, QED, all science is just a theory and Sarah Palin is president.

9 years ago @ Wonkette - America Embarks On Dum... · 0 replies · +28 points

Call me a selfish bastard, but I have a lot less concern about the unvaccinated kids getting diseases than the chance of them spreading those diseases among the vaccinated population. Vaccines aren't 100 percent effective, and they wear off, so they only really work when EVERYONE is vaccinated.

9 years ago @ Wonkette - Chris Christie/Jenny M... · 0 replies · +7 points

Anti-vax nonsense is a side effect of affluenza. The epicenter of this derp is Orange County, ffs.

9 years ago @ Wonkette - Here Is A Jimmy Carter... · 1 reply · +26 points

"Yeah, well, if Gerald Ford thinks that, why don't he bring his bitch ass down to Plains and say it to my face?"

9 years ago @ Wonkette - Barack Obama To Murder... · 0 replies · +4 points

On the one hand, the country is already so laced with gas and oil pipelines that one more isn't going to make much of a difference. On the other hand, Republicans want this only because the oil companies are paying them <del>bribes</del> campaign contributions. So if Barry wants to nutpunch them over this, I'm in favor of it simply because I enjoy a good nutpunch.

9 years ago @ Wonkette - Deleted Comment Of The... · 0 replies · +9 points

Actually, it wasn't the Jews who made a big deal of Hannukah, which is a minor Jewish holiday everywhere but America. It was the New York retailers who wanted 1/4 of their customers to get out and buy stuff along with the Christians.

9 years ago @ Wonkette - Cool Conservative Judg... · 0 replies · +11 points

"Sean Hannity thinks..."

OK, I think I see the source of your problem, right there.

9 years ago @ Wonkette - Fidel Castro Is Your N... · 0 replies · +3 points

Jesus Christ, Obama. First you get us all killed by Ebola and ISIS terrorists smuggled in from Mexico, and now THIS? Cigars are disgusting, even when they're not communist cigars. Worst. President. Ever.

9 years ago @ Wonkette - Hey What Happened To M... · 6 replies · +6 points

Ah, rats. I HAVE a Disqus log-in, but fucked if I can remember what it is.