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Thank you, David, for your patriotic leadership!

Our country, the United States of America, is in deep trouble. Economically and politically - we’re headed in the fast lane to a socialist (or worse) type of government. But many people don’t understand that, because of the mainstream news media 99% blackout of information from freedom fighters - like you & me & Ron Paul.

In this video, notice how one of the last things Beck mentions before going to Ron is: “I don’t really think it’s going to make a difference at this point...” What does he mean by that? What won’t make a difference? The MIAC report was changed because of the bravery of someone who “leaked” the report, and then a grassroots group in Missouri took action - called Highway Patrol, called DC reps, and petitioned the MO General Assembly to show outrage & demanded the change. (They also demanded an apology, none issued as far as I know to date (3-31-09)). But, please note this: media is NOT covering Ron Paul & his work & our (C4L) support for his work ...


Ron Paul mentions the Campaign for Liberty Conference in this video on Fox News. But if you go to Fox News website and search for “Ron Paul” - results state: 16 entries come up, but only 10 results are shown, and only 3 actually list Ron Paul - none mention the conference at all, and while the other entries may be related, they don’t show relation in the title or summary. 1 entry (first) is neutral: “Rep Ron Paul on Next Step for Central Banks”; 1 entry seems condescending: “Ron Paul Sounds Off on Economic Mess” and 1 entry is derogatory: “Rep. Ron Paul Defends His Earmarks in Spending Bill”. The next: “Are You Profiled as a Militia Member?” (some people that don’t know about Ron Paul might relate him to militias?)

The remaining results of this first 10 (of 16) seem to be unrelated; there is no button for the remaining 6 results. And, while a note on the results states: “video results for ron paul”, it’s not a live link, although he’s been on MANY interviews like this.

So, as in the presidential campaign, this NEWS - action, ideas and movement - that present our country with the best chance of quickly overcoming the recession, avoiding socialist, facist or totalitarian policies (or worse), and maintaining our Constitutional freedoms - NONE, ZERO, nada, zip, zilch. WHY? Why? why???


EVERYONE who values freedom, who wants true prosperity, who believes in the Constitution - had better wake up and take action. Contact media and demand: 1. an explanation as to why this event wasn’t covered; 2. coverage of this conference, and 3. on-going coverage of Ron Paul, C4L and other freedom fighters (such as Michelle Bachmannn R-MN).

Time is running out, and the longer we wait to take action, the less chance we’ll have for making progress before it’s too late.

Contact media, contact your representative & senator. Keep informed (read C4L website articles and blog posts), join C4L, get others to join & take action. Also, read: The Tipping Point (by Malcolm Gladwell) for background on making progress in reaching the tipping point to see results: free market economy, sound money system, Fed government abiding by US Constitution.

Beck says at the end: “Is there anything we can do to wake these clowns up? ... stay tuned ...” Where is this video? Do you have it posted on this site?

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Jon, I'm posting this as a "comment" because ... I'd like to start using IntenseDebate for my websites (I'll be going online with up to 150 or so in the next month). I have a few questions for you, but I couldn't find a contact page anywhere. I probably overlooked a link that states: Contact Jon (or something similar). Help!? /s/ Lynn Roberts