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That's our deal! Still waiting for the proposal bit, but I'm told it's in the works.

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I would really love to read your story! I can relate to the complex, especially because the colour of my hair is apparently ambiguous enough that people like to debate it in front of me. Like yours, it's not Anne Shirley orange. When I renewed my driver's license for the first time, the woman looked at my old one and said, "Red?! Well, I guess it isn't anything else." As much as I want to say it doesn't matter because I do like the colour regardless, I want to fit into a box! Arriving at "red" by process of elimination doesn't feel very good to me.

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Keep going! You are absolutely doing the right thing! Academic success is not the only criterion for an ADHD diagnosis, and anyone who thinks so can take a long walk etc. For example: I was a valedictorian at my high school, got accepted to medical school on my first try, completed two bachelor's degrees with distinction in five years and had the highest graduating average in my faculty in my final year of university... all things you'd think would rule out ADHD, and yet my diagnosis at age 21 changed my life. Keep advocating for her. You could save her years of anxiety, depression and doubt.

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UGH yes. I was the person who did all the gift-buying, card-coordinating and flower-sending for a little over a year. Guess who didn't get a shred of mail from work during an unexpected six-week medical absence? Unless you count the "hey just FYI you've run out of sick days so we'll be docking your pay as soon as you get back to work" letter...

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OOooh. I need more Power Dresses.

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The other option is to wear more underwear, not less - I'm learning that there are women who wear bike-short length Spanx under their work pants/trousers EVERY DAY. So I guess that's the other unofficial part of Professional Women's Business Attire nobody told ME about.

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I agree with giving up on button-up shirts altogether. (Sidenote: My brother has many times chastised me for calling them button-downs, because THAT means the collar has buttons with which to button IT down. All button-downs are therefore button-ups but not all button-ups are button-downs, apparently.)

The word I've discovered for the smart, satiny, collarless tops on this side of the ocean is "shells" - which is confusing because in a different context it's a coat with no lining but whatever.

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Ooh, this is like getting a "running late" text from the person you're meeting when you in fact are also running late but no longer have to admit it! Not very adult, I suppose, but exhilarating all the same.

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AB Toastie?! *makes note on list now containing... two names that aren't mine*

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ModCloth! YES. If I were rich I'd buy from ModCloth 100% of the time, instead of browsing endlessly, checking every week to see if they have the free-international-shipping-over-$150 deal, and then ultimately not buying anything because even though they have the shipping deal on, the Canadian dollar is GARBAGE right now and there's no point in buying anything from the US at all. (I'm not bitter, you're bitter.)