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Ugh! Where was this from again? I can't place it exactly, but seeing this sure rings a bell!

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I am so glad I wasn't the only person who was thinking this.

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Um, is it just me, or does Twi not have any wings in that picture? I thought she had one on her right hand (hoof?) side, but then I realized that it was just a bookmark on the stained glass window.

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For those looking for a more traditional, sword-and-sorcery style of RPG, there is a Pathfinder for Ponies Kickstarter currently underway. 6 days left, and around 400% funded, it is smashing stretch goals left and right. If you're interested in it, take a look at it here:

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The eventual evolution of 'Pony pulls the wagon!'

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The wheels on the pony go round and round, round and round, round and round......

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10 ponies on 1 cover.
Dr. Whooves is the only stallion among them.
Look at his face.
He knows, and he loves it.

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If they made Luna or Derpy card sleeves, they'd make a mint. Heck, just make one with a MLP style muffin on it, it would sell well, especially for those who want something pony themed but doesn't scream girly. I'd also think a cool picture for a play mat would be the scene from the beginning of the first episode, with Celestia and Luna circling each other around the sun and moon.

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I'm going to be ahead of the curve on this one: Unnamed Alicorn #42 is new best alicorn, because s/he knows the answer to life, the universe and everything.

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"it's pretty negative..."

No need for me to watch then. Don't feed the parasprites, I always say. No reason to give them any extra attention.