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Amazing tips! You are great! So happy to see this wonderful site!

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One variety pack I love comes out at Halloween time the variety pack of small candy bars. Its so fun to go through and eat a few completely different candy bars in one sitting.

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Here's hoping we'll one day hear of Mark playing D&D/Pathfinder. (or just any tabletop RPG, really... Except FATAL. that stuff's just abhorrent.)

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thanks for sharing

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This is very helpful info about summer essentials. This is very supportive. Thanks for sharing precious information. Stunning pictures!!!!

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There would less need for a second lockdown if the test and tracing were more effective. Why don't we have enough testing kits or laboratory capacity?

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The testing system is absolute garbage. I know a chap who was advised that he had been in contact with an infected person. Not unreasonably therefore, he wanted a test. This was refused! I expect he will treat the situation with the contempt that he was treated with and continue with life as normal.

Tests should be available, on demand, at every pharmacy. A pharmacist could administer the test and advise you of the outcome, all free and all on demand, without appointment. That's how it should be. Anything else is utter rubbish.

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amazing and awesome work

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Your home looks lovely and ready for Fall, Tania. I especially love your jug with the fairy lights! Thank you for sharing at Party In Your PJ's.

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Kan man bruke denne teknologien til å omdanne saltvann til ferskvann?