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Jebezuz Sean! You know interwebz drama shortens your day by at least an hour! Thanx for that. :P

Anyway, I've waded in a bit.

somehow, "I find you interesting, lets have coffee." just doesn't read like, "if you aren't going to make me a sandwich, at least show me your tits!"

regardless, topic vetted... flushing is always an option. ;)

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At this point readers of this thread are much less likely to sympathize with your position.

At this point I am thinking, what a fucking douchebag, and I am not referring to Sean.

What the fuck is with all the asterisk's? There aren't any footnotes at the end of your posts.

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Well signed up for this feature finally.

I'd be the BSJ poster formerly known as Louis. ;)

One immediate observation, the old mark-up text cue's are gone... is format, url slinking, etc still same as before? Also, no preview post... perhaps I will be given the option to edit after posting?


edit: hey cool edit feature works :)