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aaaah shit son!!! I am so in :-)

It'll mean staying up until 2am on Sunday for me but if it's anything like last time it'll be worth it.

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Purple Nurple of doom

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Josh is pregnant?

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Stranger danger, roflcopter.

BTW can we please not start with the first BS.

You said a thing about dicks.

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This would be a follow up to the anthropomorphic jungle party orangina advert, that freaked everybody out, I posted to whatever episode of the podcast.
I just posted the link because it happened to be on digg on the day Joel made a post of follow ups.

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Awesome artwork, from now on Denise must appear as Pikachu at every fancy dress party along with Josh in his fancy bastard costume.
However wouldn't you have to pronounce flan as fl-on for it to work? There for EPIC FAIL!!11one, vote this shit down !!!1111one!1, blah blah blerg

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If you had in fact been following the comic for three months I think you would have picked up on the fact that not only is Josh gay but that a good portion of the fancy bastards are as well.
In fact if you listen to the podcast the person who most uses the word gay to me lame is actually Josh, the big hairy bear of a bacon loving gay porn camera weilding 100% gay man.
The fact that the use of a word has evolved and been reclaimed from the little sniggering kiddies should be looked on as a good thing.
BTW Do I need to remind you that gay used to mean happy until the damn homos got hold of it.

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As a non US citizen can I please beg you to get this shit right this time America and let us love you again.

Cause you know right now we kinda hate you for fucking us over ;)

BTW awesome comic yet again. It's just a shame it's too late for a Robobama '08 T-shirt.

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Is this the same Jen that urinated from a balcony onto a deck?

What could she possibly be doing with a large rocket in the privacy of her own office.