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You are right. That is worse.
But I'm thinking that marrying Amber Milt to Tucker Max would be sort of a good idea, like when you put the kitty litter into the expired cough suspension before disposal.

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Sad fact: she was in my graduating class in college. Sadder fact: it was a pretty good college.

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This Beckett kid's mom's house was in a magazine last year and I remember that his bedroom walls were painted black. So don't worry, culture warriors. Or, worry more. That one actually could go either way..

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Where is the part about fat?

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She keeps calling me...

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The ultimate Alley of Wind-Propelled Cold White Death is the stretch of I-90 along Lake Erie between Ashtabula, OH and Angola, NY (which, along with that bit of PA containing Erie, may as well be in northeastern Ohio). You also get to add NY state troopers and endless PA road construction as attractions on your tour of highlights from Ohio's Most Blighted. Plus, a militia in each state!

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That 80% is probably because at most of the big-box lingerie stores they take your measurements, and then they just laugh and laugh and laugh. "Ha! We don't even sell bras in that weird deformed size. I'll bet you really hate your life." Obviously not for the same reason you do, Mosquito Bites.

And Obama re Bradley Manning: a bit more Tamerlaney than I usually like to see in a U.S. president.

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But can we be sure that Texas teachers will be paddling the asshole kids who need it most, instead of the pale artsy boys who were already given one warning about wearing eyeliner to school?

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Bristol works? Hard?

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Other than the disagreement about whether God ought to be thanked for providing dead soldiers, there's really quite a lot of common ground there in general.